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My everday makeup routine

My everyday makeup routine is one of my most highly requested posts. Day to day wise, I do tend to wear quite a lot of makeup compared to most, but for me this is toned down. It takes me around 20 minutes to apply my makeup, which is quick to me. 
Even though this is my 'go to' makeup I do alter it sometimes, whether I want a more winged out eye look, to contour etc. In this post I haven't included my lip colour, as that changes the most, depending on what I'm wearing. I don't have a 'go to' everyday lip shade. 
Let's get onto the makeup....

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade - Taupe This is the best brow product I have used as it lasts all day. Dare I say it but also the next day aswell if you 'accidentally' forget to remove it.
Rimmel brow brush* This is from one of the eye brow sets. I find this brush the best to apply ABH dipbrow with.

Max Factor smooth miracle primer* This is one of my all time favourite primers. I even prefer it over some high…
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Grease the musical review: Sunderland Empire

Grease is one of my all time favourite musicals! I have watched the film thousands of times and even have the soundtrack on C.D (who can remember when buying actual C.D's was popular) and whenever Grease the musical comes to Sunderland Empire theatre I always buy tickets for it, as it's one of those musicals I never get bored of watching. This year I was kindly gifted these tickets in exchange for a review. 
As I am such a huge Grease fan I have high expectations of how it should be portrayed on stage. My motto is when it comes to the classic films 'if it ain't broke then don't fix it' although some may argue a change is good. 
About Grease It's the summer of 1958 and it focuses on Danny who is American and popular amongst his peers and Sandy who is Australian, she is very much innocent. Both of them fall in love at the beach and is heartbroken when she has to return home. But the love story isn't over as Sandy's parents decide to stay in America and s…

Rock of Ages review: Sunderland Empire

Rock of Ages the musical is currently on tour and I had the pleasure of being gifted tickets for press night in Sunderland Empire Theatre. I was really looking forward to watching this musical as it's already been highly raved about. I also haven't watched the film version of this, so I was going in totally open minded regarding the plot etc. 
The songs are all from the late 80's and typical rock songs. Everyone of all ages will recognise some of the songs from this musical. Even if you don't know them all (like I didn't) this does not effect your enjoyment from the show at all.
The musical is set in LA's sunset strip and focuses on a wannabe actress chasing the American dream of stardom and a wannabe rockstar, desperate to have his musical break to become a superstar. Throughout the musical, there is a narrator called Lonny (Lucas Rush) who is excellent throughout. He is very comical with his one-liners and really does make the audience feel apart of the show. W…

Hair extension process: Before and After

I have always wanted long blonde full hair but unfortunately, I am not blessed with that. I have dyed my hair blonde for over 10 years now, what started off as high lights quickly turned into bleach. We all know no matter how well you look after your hair bleach does damage it over time and thins your hair.  I always envied people will long full hair as you can do so many things with it. As vain as it may sound, hair can really change how you look and feel about yourself.  I have used clip in extensions in the past (and loved them) when it came to events such as prom etc but I always found they weren't exactly a good colour match, you could see the clips and uncomfy to wear.  My main aim when it comes to having extensions is for the colour to match/blend well, add fullness and thickness to my hair whilst still looking natural. 
Salon Finding a salon is the trickiest and most crucial thing to get right. Many salons can fit your hair extensions in but don't supply the hair.  This was …

The King and I musical review

The King and I is currently on a UK tour and I was kindly invited along to review this musical at the Sunderland Empire theatre. This musical has so much hype surrounding it based upon the royalty aspect, costumes and how things have changed over time in Siam.  The musical is an award winning production.
The story The King and I is a struggle between tradition and modernity brought to the kingdom by imperialism and industrialisation. When the play was set, the King and his country of Siam are besieged. The French forces and British East India Company began to colonise Siam's biggest foes: The British occupied Singapore, Penang, portions of the Malay Peninsula and over half of Burma. The French King claimed parts of Vietnam and Cambodia. This puts the King under pressure and stress to change, in order to protect his country and his people. He has to reconnecct himself to the west and assimilate to the modern world without becoming colonised and without forsaking traditional values tha…

Club Tropicana musical review

Club Tropicana is currently on a tour of the UK and I was kindly invited along to review the musical at Sunderland Empire theatre. I am a huge musical and theatre fan, so I was delighted to attend this musical. Club Tropicana is one not to miss out on, as you'll have the time of your life. 

The musical is set in the '80s and focuses on the summer of love. If Love Island existed during the '80s this would have been it. As it celebrates everything joyous about the 80's summer: the cocktails, great anthems and having fun with your friends. You can't help but sing and dance (yes I said dance) during this musical.
The story The opening of Club Tropicana begins when a bride and husband to be have doubts about getting married, so they decide to go away for sun, sea and sangria to forget about their worries. What they don't realise is they've both checked into the same hotel which is called Club Tropicana....where the drinks are free (well the first ones are anyways!)

The Engine Room: Vegetarian and Vegan menu

I have attended many food events but not specifically for vegetarians and vegans, until now. Last week was National Vegetarian Week and I was invited to The Engine Room Sunderland to sample their menu.  You don't need to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the dishes which were on offer. It's amazing to see restaurants are now catering and widening their menu for vegetarians and vegans. Gone are the days of having a very limited and tasteless menu. As restaurants are now aware of people's different food needs.
About The Engine Room Located a minutes walk away from Sunderland Empire Theatre. It was once an actual fire station before it got converted  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited previously
Let's get onto the food There's a wide variety of choices to try but here are some of the dishes available on the menu. As I always state in my food 'reviews' I am an extremely fussy eater but I do at least try the dishes. So if I really like something then it's…