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Hair extension process: Before and After

I have always wanted long blonde full hair but unfortunately, I am not blessed with that. I have dyed my hair blonde for over 10 years now, what started off as high lights quickly turned into bleach. We all know no matter how well you look after your hair bleach does damage it over time and thins your hair.  I always envied people will long full hair as you can do so many things with it. As vain as it may sound, hair can really change how you look and feel about yourself.  I have used clip in extensions in the past (and loved them) when it came to events such as prom etc but I always found they weren't exactly a good colour match, you could see the clips and uncomfy to wear.  My main aim when it comes to having extensions is for the colour to match/blend well, add fullness and thickness to my hair whilst still looking natural. 
Salon Finding a salon is the trickiest and most crucial thing to get right. Many salons can fit your hair extensions in but don't supply the hair.  This was …

The King and I musical review

The King and I is currently on a UK tour and I was kindly invited along to review this musical at the Sunderland Empire theatre. This musical has so much hype surrounding it based upon the royalty aspect, costumes and how things have changed over time in Siam.  The musical is an award winning production.
The story The King and I is a struggle between tradition and modernity brought to the kingdom by imperialism and industrialisation. When the play was set, the King and his country of Siam are besieged. The French forces and British East India Company began to colonise Siam's biggest foes: The British occupied Singapore, Penang, portions of the Malay Peninsula and over half of Burma. The French King claimed parts of Vietnam and Cambodia. This puts the King under pressure and stress to change, in order to protect his country and his people. He has to reconnecct himself to the west and assimilate to the modern world without becoming colonised and without forsaking traditional values tha…