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Places to try for Sunderland Restaurant week

Exclaimer: I was kindly invited to try out some of the restaurants participating in Sunderland Restaurant week. As always these are my own views.

Sunderland restaurant week is back again from Saturday 16th - Sunday 24th March 2018. This is a great way to try out restaurants in Sunderland and discover a new favourite at affordable prices.
The event lasts nine days, allowing diners to tuck into two and three course set menus for £10/£15pp. Also city cafes and smaller outlets are getting involved with their £5 daytime offer. 

There is also free parking after 5pm in all city centre council car parks, or if you decide to drink alcoholic beverages etc then the city's main sponsors Station Taxi are on hand to get you home safely.

P's and Q's
Amore Italia
2 Church Lane
808 Bar & Kitchen

When it comes to food I am extremely fussy and probably more critical. So if you are a fussy eater (like me) or even if you aren't, then carry on reading to know my thoughts about the food I tried throughout the night.

P's and Q's
P's and Q's aim is to bring the big city centre bar vibes back to Sunderland and they certainly do this. Despite being from Sunderland, I actually haven't tried this trendy bar until now. I am a huge cocktail fan, so I was in my element trying out different ones.
When it comes to alcohol in general I tend to go for quite fruity drinks that don't taste like alcohol. 
The Cherry Drop cocktail was by far my favourite - it tasted amazing! I could easily drink more of these and no doubt I'll return back at some point. If you like cherries, cherry coke etc then you will like this cocktail.
Watermelon and Strawberry cooler - this cocktail is very refreshing and delicious, ideal for those (hopefully) warmer days approaching! For some reason this cocktail reminds me of Dirty Dancing....maybe it's the fact it contains watermelon, who knows!
Zombie cocktail - if you like strong cocktails then you will 100% like this one! This cocktail is for those that want to share.

Facebook: /psandqssunderland
Instagram: psandqslounge

Amore Italia
Amore Italia is located above the Dunn Cow, it's a cosy restaurant and holds the capacity of 50 diners. The staff are very welcoming, friendly and make you feel comfortable. One of the main things I look for in restaurants is whether I feel comfortable or not, maybe this has something to do with me being a fussy eater who knows. Anyways, let's get onto the exciting part the food: we had a selection of different starters to try and share amongst the 5 of us. Which included: Fresh Mussels, Belly Pork, Bruschetta, Bread, Onion Rings, Prawns, Calamari and Tempura Asparagus. 
When the starters came out I was surprised at some of the choices e.g Calamari and Tempura Asparagus. I often go to Italian restaurants and this has never been on the menu, so if you are looking for something different to try then I would recommend Amore Italia. This starter was very popular amongst the other bloggers who enjoyed it. 
My favourite starter was the Prawns with spicy sauce, be aware these are very spicy. I can't handle spicy food very well, even though this was my favourite dish. I did find myself having to have a drink throughout eating them to cool down my mouth. I also really liked the bread but saying that most bread I really like, as I prefer more similar food.
If you are a fan of the theatre Amore Italia is located next to the Sunderland Empire, so either before or after the theatre show you can enjoy some nice food.

Facebook: /amoreitaliasunderland
Twitter: @amoresunderland

2 Church Lane
If you are a huge fan of burgers then I highly recommend 2 Church Lane. As they have all your burger needs covered and more! They do quite a variety of burgers and fries ideal for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.
I decided to try 'The Farm Yard' burger which included: 6oz beef patty, topped with crispy fried chicken, bacon and served with a sauce of your choice. 
All of the burgers served come with home made sea salt fries and house slaw.
Years ago burgers used to be my favourite food and I used to eat them all the time. Despite rarely eating burgers now, I still know what exactly is good and what isn't. 2 Church Lane didn't disappoint me with this burger at all as it was nicely cooked, not chewy. The crispy chicken tasted amazing! - this was my favourite part of the burger.
As for sauce I opted for the good old tomato sauce!
I am a huge fan of fries and these fries didn't disappoint me at all! They were full of flavour and just the right amount of crisp to them. You can tell the difference when fries are homemade or not.
When it comes to food portions I can only eat a small amount before I get full, no matter how much I enjoy the food! So the staff kindly boxed what I left for me to take home. 
When I did get home my Mam tried the burger and chips and she loved it. So not only do I approve, she does aswell! 

Facebook: /2churchlane
Instagram: @2churchlane

808 Bar and Kitchen

808 Bar and Kitchen is quite possibly my favourite place in Sunderland for food and drinks at the moment. Yes that is a strong statement to make but I have already been to 808 about 4 times in the past month already (as a paying customer) so when I found out I was coming here as a blogger to review it, needless to say I was very happy. As I have already spoken about 808 on social media previously, so I knew I automatically liked it. 
Anyways, this place is perfect for those Insta worthy photos both interior and food wise. 
For desserts I had the chocolate fudge cake which is amazing! I always order this whenever I go in as it tastes that good! 
Pancakes is not something I'd usually try but for this review I tried them. I was pleasantly surprised! Infact I ended up really liking the Kinder Bueno pancakes, the mix of the white sauce and pancakes complimented each other very well. 
Now back onto cocktails my favourite things. I tried two of the cocktails: 
Expresso Martini - this is one for all you coffee lovers out there (me included) I highly recommend trying this one as it tastes strong of coffee but easy to drink. I first tried this on my last visit to 808 (last Saturday 9th March) so I decided to order it again as I knew I liked it. 
Whereas the Hippy Juice - is a new cocktail that I tried and I would 100% order again as it's nice and refreshing. If you are like me and don't like to taste strong alcohol in your drinks then you'll love this one, if you like fruity drinks.

Facebook: /808barandkitchen
Instagram: @808barandkitchen

My overall opinion
Overall, this has been one of my favourite Sunderland restaurant weeks to review. As the standard is high. Needless to say I came away feeling extremely full from all the amazing food!
 If I had to pick my top place out of the ones I've mentioned it would be 808 bar and kitchen. As the food and drinks tastes amazing, reasonably priced and ideal for those Instagram photos.

To find out the full list of restaurants taking part in Sunderland Restaurant Week and other information then you can find out at Sunderland Experience

If you are local to Sunderland, what restaurants will you be trying out?


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