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Seaham Hall spa and restaurant review

Seaham Hall is a 5*  Asian themed hotel and spa located in County Durham. This was kindly gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. Seaham Hall is somewhere I have always wanted to visit after hearing so many good things about it. My Mam visited over a year ago and she loved it.  Rumour has it celebrities such as Take That are also a fan aswell. 

In this blog post I will be reviewing my experience of the Serenity Spa and Ozone Restaurant. I attended this event with Terri as we were both gifted this experience.

The package
Seaham offers lots of different packages to suit everyone's needs and budget. Me and Terri were both booked in for the 'Mellow Midweeker for two' 
This includes: 
Full use of serenity spa facilities between 10am-3pm. 
(They advise you to arrive 15 minutes early in order to check in at reception and to fill out a form based upon your skin type, how you like your massage, any medical issues etc)
Complimentary drink of fresh juice or iced water upon arrival and throughout the day. As well as, robes, slippers and dressing gown are also provided.
45 minute Ishga massage
2 course meal at the OZone restaurant 
Seaham Hall
Lord Byron's Walk
County Durham 
SR7 7AG 

Seaham Hall has 37 acres of parkland and is a 10 minute walk away from a local beach. Lord Byron even got married there!

The Lobby
Once you have checked in, a member of staff gives you a tour and explains where all of the facilities are. 
Signs are also placed incase you forget. 
Every part of the lobby and interior has been well thought about and planned to ensure it sticks to the Asian theme. From the different types of wood, pine tables yet it offers a modern twist. Seaham Hall spa have won an award for best customer service, which is well deserved in my opinion. As the staff made me feel at ease throughout my stay, especially Dannika who performed my Ishga massage.
If you want to embrace the spa experience at home then you can with Haus of Wax candle set, to unwind at the end of the day.
You can also get an OPI manicure and pedicure for an additional cost.
Also in the lobby, there are chairs and loungers for you to sit on away from the spa. If you want to take a few minutes out to relax etc. 

The Serenity Spa
You can use the spa facilities as much as you want during the designated time of your package, so you can totally feel relaxed during your stay. However you choose to relax whether that be in the indoor pool, steam room, outdoor pool area, jacuzzi etc, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

The outdoor jacuzzi are the perfect way to unwind and relax in the outdoors because of the peaceful surroundings. Even though it was cold outside once you got in the jacuzzi it was nice and warm, perfect to relax in. Cold weather?! what cold weather. 
Then there was the outdoor mini pool. This is where I spent most of my time, as the temperature was warm, outside was peaceful and it was secluded from the main indoor pool area. I was thoroughly relaxed and time went by so fast.

Ishga 45 minute massage
In the lobby there is a stand of some of the Ishga products available. I personally haven't heard of the brand before I had an Ishga massage but I will look more into it, as the products made my skin feel amazing. 
My massage was booked for 12pm
The treatments rooms are nice and cosy.The darker colours of browns, golds et works to set the relaxing atmosphere,especially when the light gets dimmed for your treatment. 

My therapist was called Dannika, she asked me a series of questions about my skin, how hard I like my massage and if there were any areas I wanted her to focus more on, throughout the treatment. She made me feel at ease throughout the treatment and asked if the pressure of the massage was okay (it was) in my opinion this is one of the most important things your therapist putting you at ease even before your massage has began. 
She left the room so I could get on the massage table, cover my modesty and undo my bikini top, ready for the massage to begin. 

The Ishga massage is designed to:
Combine detoxing seaweed body oil with lemongrass, juniper and rose geranium.
Invigorating to focus on removing tension and re energise the body 
The seaweed body oil regenerates, firms and tones the skin for eliminating toxins.
It also stimulates blood flow around your body.

The massage was a full body massage for 45 minutes which totally relaxed me and left my skin feeling amazing. 45 minutes may seem like a long time for a massage but it's not as it went by so quickly. One of the methods Dannika used during the massage was pressing firmly om my back, legs etc with a towel, this was a nice contrast and made a difference to how my skin felt. The main product she used from the Ishga range was the invigorating body oil, which is soured with Scottish seaweed to provide moisture to dry skin. Whilst stimulating, revitalising and aiding self repair. Dannika informed me I have dry skin so she also recommended the Ishga Hebridean sea salt and oil scrub to combat this issue. I would highly recommend Dannika for a treatment.
After the massage I was taken back into the lounge area to have an ice cold glass of water and sorbet. The sorbet tasted amazing and was ideal to have after a relaxing massage.

OZone restaurant
After the massage lunch was at 1.30pm. This is included in the Mellow Midweeker for 2 package, in which you get a 2 course meal. The OZone restaurant serves Asian cuisine, which is easily accessible from the Serenity Spa. The restaurant is very classic but with a modern twist. You can either get dressed in your normal clothes or dine in your robe and slippers (until 9pm)  this is perfect as it means your relaxation can continue afterwards. 
When it comes to food I am an extremely fussy eater, I tend to only eat plain food but I am open to trying new foods.
For starters I had the spicy salmon fishcakes (£9) which tasted amazing. I like fishcakes in general but I have never tried salmon ones before. These are classed as spicy and they do have a 'kick' to them when it comes to spice but it's not extremely spicy to the point your mouth is on fire. When it comes to spicy food I like things mild.
Terri had duck as a starter which she enjoyed. 
For starters you can pick between 9 different options.
Now onto main courses and side dishes, I had thai yellow curry which was mild (£15.50) for the curries you can pick what meat you want and whether you want rice or noodles. Like I said previously I am an extremely fussy eater, so I went for chicken in my curry. Also, as I don't like rice or noodles, I got a side portion of chips for my curry instead. The side dishes are an additional (3.50)
The Thai yellow curry was really nice and not spicy, the chicken melted in your mouth and the chips went really nice with it aswell. The portion sizes really are filling, especially combined with a starter. 
Terri had halloumi salad (£15.00) which she enjoyed.

I had such an amazing at Seaham Hall spa and I would highly recommend it to anyone, if you are thinking about going then go. Especially as there are offers on packages to ensure you get the right package to suit you. It's the perfect way to relax and forget about any stresses in life you have, even just for a few hours. It's also the perfect place to catch up with your girl friends for a day of relaxation and chat. It was really nice to have a nice girly catch up with Terri! Yet equally perfect if you want to go with a family member, your other half etc.

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