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XYLondon: Kenzie sandals review

Summer is well and truly here especially with the hot weather, with that comes the hunt for the perfect summer sandal. XYLondon kindly asked me if I would like to feature a pair of shoes on my blog. For those of who have followed me for a while know I love shoes so I said yes.  I was like a kid in a candy shop looking on the website trying to decide what pair of shoes I wanted, this was a very hard decision for me as I liked so many but in the end I went for the 'Kenzie sandal'. I went with these sandals as I know I would get the most use out of them, they looked comfy and would go with most outfits. I also really like how glitzy and glam they are as that is my usual style that I like. These sandals also come in white and black. 
Why I picked the shoes I love glitzy and glamorous sandals  Looked comfortable  Lots of detailing  Slight heel but easy to walk in Go with most outfits, perfect to dress them down for during the day, but you can also dress them up for going out in the evenin…