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New in from Essence

Essence is one of my favourite high street makeup brands as the products are really affordable and good quality. I have talked about Essence quite a bit on my blog and social media especially the lip liners as they are amazing quality that rival high end lip liners for only £1. In this blog post I will be talking about some ew products that Essence have launched which they kindly sent me*
Fame in a bottle Loose glitter I am a huge fan on glitter especially on the nails as it means your nails will remain chip free for at least a week. This glitter comes in a bottle which means you will get a more opaque finish on your nails.
How to apply Use a base coat so that the glitter can adhere to your nails Either sprinkle the glitter on your nail or press the glitter onto your nail for a more opaque finish Finish off with a top coat to secure the glitter in place
Space stories nail polish 01 Outta space is the place This nail varnish is holographic and gives your nails a metallic/iridescent finish. T…

High street makeup haul

A couple of weeks ago I went out shopping, these are the makeup items that I bought. I haven't bought makeup in months especially high street makeup. I am really pleased with the items that I did buy and I can't wait to use them.
NYX #GlitterGoals This set includes: Travel size glitter glue Shades Luna/Lune Purple/Violet Pink/Rose
For Christmas I got a NYX Glittergoals set but in a different colour. When I saw this set I knew I 'needed' it as I don't own a purple or a white glitter, plus I am a huge fan of the glitter glue. As it adheres the glitter well, doesn't irritate your eyes and is easy to remove.
NYX glam shadow 19 Wedding cake I am a huge fan of white eyeshadow and the 'quest' to find a white eyeshadow that is really pigmented and bright. This eyeshadow caught my attention as it's a 'true bright white'. I also found the name of the eyeshadow really cute, does anyone else get drawn to a product even more when it has a cute name? Or is th…