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Primark and New Look haul

I am back after an unexpected blogging break, it's been a month since my last blogpost (where has the time gone?!) The main reason for not blogging is uni assignments for the past month. Now they are out of the way I am back blogging. You can expect blog posts at least once per week on a Sunday.
Anyways, yesterday I went out Christmas shopping (yes I said the word c word) the shops are already so hectic but whilst out shopping I also bought a few things for myself. Christmas shopping for other people is fun but you can never resit buying something for yourself aswell. In this post I will be showing you the things I bought from Primark and New Look.
Reindeer slippers £3.50 When I saw these I knew I had to buy them as they are really cute and adorable. Slippers are something I wear all of the time especially as it's freezing cold. These are so soft and festive. 'Leather' skirt £10 I have been after a skirt like this for ages but I haven't found any that are fla…