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The Imperfect tag

Do you ever get those moments when you are just sitting doing nothing and then an idea comes into your head? Well that’s what’s happened to me tonight. On social media you always see the ‘perfect’ side of people. Whether that be the ‘perfect’ selfie, the ‘perfect’ OOTD or the ‘perfect’ lifestyle. We all know that this is illusion and nobody’s life is actually ‘perfect’ but that doesn’t stop us from comparing ourselves to others.  I decided to create this tag to that not everything is ‘perfect’

There are 10 questions in this tag! I promise I'll keep my answers short as I know I can ramble.

1) Share an OOTD outtake picture
I've combined 4 pictures into 1. Whenever you see an OOTD picture you can guarantee about 100 more have been taken.
In the first 2 pictures I have my dog Bailey in them. What you don't see is that my Mam is shouting his name and bribing him to look with his treats, hoping that he will actually look at the camera. I am also trying to make sure my hair looks 'okay' etc in these pictures.
The other 2 pictures are 'action shots' of me 'preparing' for the OOTD. My mam takes all my OOTD's for me.

2) Share an unedited and unfiltered blog photo
This is a Bare Minerals eyeshadow that I bought a few weeks ago. I got this from TK Maxx for £2 which is a total bargain! I still haven't edited or re sized it, I'll probably do this when I mention it in another blog post.

3) What is one thing about yourself that you would class as imperfect?
Probably my boobs, I wish they were bigger but they aren't. I always think a lot of tops/dresses would look better on me if they were. I guess that's what padded bra's are for to create an 'illusion' of a fuller bust.

4) Have you ever felt pressure from social media to always ‘show’ the ‘perfect’ side to you?
I feel like on Instagram there is much more 'pressure' as that's picture based. Let's face it nobody is going to post a really unflattering picture of themselves and nobody is going to show them just sitting in the house doing nothing. So the things we do see on Instagram is only 'good' and 'picture perfect'. Whereas on Twitter and Snapchat people do tend to be much more 'real' and 'unedited' side to themselves.
I know for me I take about 100 selfies, OOTD's before I decided to post one I think is 'okay'. Whereas on Twitter, I tweet whatever I want, if you follow me you know I am partial to moaning and complaining. I also tweet about random things aswell but also my love for makeup etc.
When it comes to Snapchat I am addicted to it (if you want to add me on there just message me and I'll give you my @) on there I end up rambling a lot about anything, I never know when to shut up. More often then not I am on there makeup free, I also mini snap vlog whenever I go out even if my day is not that interesting.

5) Has social media ever made you feel imperfect?
Sometimes! Instagram is the worst for this, probably because it's all picture based. You see so many pretty and beautiful girls on there you can't help but think 'I wish that I looked like that' or 'they have the perfect figure'.
Then you see people going out all the time e.g to the latest restaurants, latest bars etc which can make you think your life isn't as interesting as that. Everyone's life is different, it doesn't mean it's bad.
You also need to remember the pictures that you see of people on social media some people edit/photo shop them. So even they don't look like that in person.

6) Share an imperfect embarrassing situation that has happened to you?
This has to be when I done my driving test. I was super nervous that day and I felt sick with nerves. The car I was doing my test in was a Micra (so the car is small). My examiner was a larger male (this is relevant to the 'story') As I was reaching down for the gear stick I accidently touched his leg (this was a complete accident) I was mortified and he looked uncomfortable. The situation was so awkward and I ended up making a very bad 'joke' by saying "this car is small isn't it" and you guessed it - he didn't reply to me.

7) Have you ever published a blog post you haven’t been 100% happy with?
Yes when it comes to pictures. I am the worst person when it comes to blog photography. I am aware my photo and editing skills are very basic, I am useless when it comes to camera's and technology in general. That's why I try to make sure my writing is 'good' to make up for the basic photography.

8) Is there anything that you are working towards to improve your life?
Yes! There are so many things I want to improve within my life.
I am currently at university studying English BA, I am doing this as I want a degree to become a secondary school English teacher. This has been a 'dream' of mine since I was little.
I am also working on improving my blog as I have had opportunities I never would have if it wasn't for my blog and made friends through it aswell.

9) What is one thing about yourself that you disliked before but now learnt to like?
My nose! I have always had an issue with my nose ever since I was little. No amount of contouring could make my nose look straight.
I was born with my nose deviated which caused it to be crooked. This had an impact on my breathing as I could only breath through one nostril. I had rhino/septoplasty to make my nose straight and so I could breath out of both nostrils. The surgery fixed the issue.
As a result from the first surgery a bump on the bridge of my nose formed called the callus bone. This is formed when there is too much abrasion on the nose. So I had revision surgery to remove the bump.
The bottom picture is how my nose looks now. My nose isn't 'perfect' at all but I am really happy with the way it looks like now and I am much more confident within myself because of it. I still contour my nose (it's a habit) but I think it looks a lot better compared to before.
10) (Optional) Share a makeup free selfie
In this picture I am completely makeup free, I haven't edited the picture at all or used a filter. As much as I enjoy wearing makeup, I love the feeling of having no makeup on my skin. Especially being able to rub your eyes without worrying about getting 'panda eyes' from your mascara.

I wanted to include a variety of questions and I hope these questions are okay as it's the first tag I have created. If you do this tag @ me in your posts or tweet me, as I would love to read your responses.

List of the Questions
1) Share an OOTD outtake picture
2) Share an unedited and unfiltered blog photo
3) What is one thing about yourself that you would class as imperfect?
4) Have you ever felt pressure from social media to always ‘show’ the ‘perfect’ side to you?
5) Has social media ever made you feel imperfect?
6) Share an imperfect embarrassing situation that has happened to you?
7) Have you ever published a blog post you haven’t been 100% happy with?
8) Is there anything that you are working towards to improve your life?
9) What is one thing about yourself that you disliked before but now learnt to like?
10) (Optional) Share a makeup free selfie

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  1. You looked so good! When I was in the audience I just wore a t-shirt and jeans :) I'm glad you got to meet Rylan, he seems lovely. xx

  2. Chloe I love this!! Especially the first one ���� I can imagine your mom behind the camera! Defiantly going to do this tag, I've been having a blogger block at the minute so this is a nice return!x


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