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I haven't done a Q&A this year. So I asked on Twitter etc if you had any questions that you wanted to ask me.

What inspired you and what made you want to start your own blog?
I started getting into makeup when I was around 13 years old. I used to go through my Mam's makeup bag and play with her makeup. Since then it's something I have always loved. I then discovered YouTube and the makeup community on there. Who can remember lollipop26, JuicyStar07? I was fascinated by watching them and learnt a lot of makeup techniques. I watched YouTube and read blogs for years before I decided to create my own.
I decided to start blogging as I got a lot of people tweeting me on Twitter that I should set one up. As they were interested to know my thoughts on certain products, what I recommend, how I create certain looks etc.I also wanted my own little space to talk about the makeup I'm currently loving, products that I dislike etc. I never get bored talking about makeup and having this blog is the perfect 'excuse' for me.

What is your dream career?
I have two answers to this question. I have a 'realistic dream' answer and the 'if only dream' answer.
Ever since I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher. Growing up I realised that the dream is to be a secondary school teacher. I either want to teach the subject English ( that's what I'm currently studying at university) or RE. A lot of people are surprised when I say I want to teach RE as I'm not religious. I just find the subject really interesting and the fact you debate about the subjects e.g euthanasia, abortion, death penalty etc.  These are all topics I find interesting (yes, morbid I know) At secondary school this was by far my strongest subject. I would have studied this at University but there are no universities near me that offer it as a degree. I could have moved away from home but that's something I never wanted to do. I could still teach RE at secondary school level as I studied it at A Level. I have looked into it and I could teach it. But whatever subject I end up teaching I will be happy as it will be my dream realistic job.
Part time dream
Whilst studying at university my part time dream job is to work on a makeup counter. I have previously worked on a makeup counter in the past. Which I loved giving the customers advice, interacting with them and performing makeovers. This is something I would love to do again. It wouldn't even feel like work. But because I have no makeup certificates e.g getting a job like that can be difficult
If only dream job
Something in the beauty industry. I don't really know what but that would be the dream. As I love makeup and writing about it. I read a quote somewhere (not sure who it is by)
"If you do a job you love you'll never have to work another day in your life"

What's your favourite part about blogging?
I love so many things about blogging!
My favourite has to be knowing people find my blog useful and helpful to read. Nothing makes me happier and makes blogging more worthwhile then getting positive feedback from your readers etc. Knowing that you have made a difference (no matter how small) will always be the best thing about blogging.
Other things I really like is how many new friends I have made through blogging that I wouldn't have otherwise.

What is your favourite makeup product to buy?
I really like buying lipsticks. I can't help myself as they are all 'different' no shade of pink is 'exactly' the same. It takes a lot for me to walk into a makeup shop and not to buy at least one item.

What's the best way to gain followers on Twitter?
Communication and being online is the key! There are plenty of things to do on Twitter to help you gain followers.
If you are a blogger then there are blogging chats for you to take part in. These chats are a great way to interact with other bloggers, brands and to make others more aware of who you are.
Using hashtags on Twitter to help your posts etc get noticed. If people enjoy reading your posts then they will probably follow you on Twitter.
Replying to tweets as often as you can. Nobody likes to be ignored. If you find it hard to respond to everyone then try and respond to at least a few. If people are taking the time to message you then you can at least 'fav' or reply back.

Have you ever been recognised in public because of your blog?
I have been recognised a few times whilst out shopping etc. This has happened whilst I have been out with my Mam.

When you get sent products does that alter your opinion when it comes to reviewing them?
Never! I review a lot of products on my blog and I am always 100% honest. That's what I 'pride' my blog on. I only accept products to review if I would actually consider buying the product myself.

What's your favourite musical?
I love Legally Blonde the musical. I have watched that on stage so many times! It was amazing on the London westend but also local empire theatre productions. Everything about Legally Blonde the musical I love.

How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?
On average it takes me an hour. This may seem a lot to some people but to me this is 'normal' I can do a full face of makeup e.g contour, smokey eyes etc in this time.

What beauty trend do you dislike but others love?
It's not that I don't like it but it doesn't really suit my eye shape. I have hooded eyes and that is winged liner. It looks really nice on so many other people. On my eyes it takes up the majority of my lid space. I would rather have my eyeshadow showing.

What's the best way to see if a foundation is your correct shade?
The best way to see if a foundation matches you is to test it on your jaw. The foundation should match your neck. It's best to pick 3 shades you think are your correct match, look in the mirror and see which one matches your neck. It's also best to look in natural day light aswell. As artificial lighting can alter the way it looks in the mirror.

Would you ever post pictures of your family/friends etc online?
Very rarely. I choose to put myself online, they don't. It's not right for me to tweet anything about them as there are nosey people. As for posting pictures I have posted the odd few but very rarely (again for the same reason). It's my social media, my blog etc therefore I am putting myself out there. Other people's privacy shouldn't be compromised just because I am doing so.
When it comes to friends I don't really post pictures etc online I might post the odd one occasionally but that's it. Saying that, when it comes to my blogging friends I post pictures whenever we meet, or tweet them etc. This is because they totally understand blogging/social media and everything to do with it.

What is your favourite thing to watch on tv?
I really like watching crime shows and crime documentaries. I find them really interesting! I can spend hours just watching them. I especially like the ones about serial killers, the reasoning behind why they killed the person etc. I also really like watching crime documentaries about death row (hopefully I don't sound creepy).
Some of my favourite crime documentaries: Facing evil, Fatal Attraction, Snapped, Life on death row etc.

How do you manage to maintain your figure?
I honestly have no idea as I eat really unhealthy foods. I have mentioned this in the past on my blog. I am a fussy eater. I tend to eat junk food most of the time and the only exercise I do is walking. Since having my car its made me worse. As now I tend to drive to fast food restaurants etc and not walk as much.

Do you prefer to watch tv or watch movies?
I prefer watching tv. I watch tv most of the time to relax on the night. I also have it on in the background when I'm blogging, doing uni work etc.

As you are studying English at uni do you read a lot of books?
I am answering this question completely honest (so no judging!) the only books I read are the books on the reading list. I read these thoroughly to make sure I fully understand them and to get good marks on my essays etc. In my free time I prefer to read magazines, newspapers (online), blogs etc. I know I should be reading so many more books in my free time but I don't. I always feel like I have to justify myself for that because I am studying English at uni.

When do you feel the most productive?
In the mornings. Around half 9, this is when I feel determined to do all the work that needs to be done. On a night time I like to relax, knowing that I have everything that needs to be done.

How tall are you?
I am 5ft 3. People tend to think I am taller for some reason (I think its the angle of the pictures) but I am 'normal?' height I would say. I like my height as I can wear really high heels if I want without feeling self conscious.

Would you ever have another nose job?
Considering I have had two, no. I had the first rhino/septoplasty for medical reasons. The second time was cosmetic. My nose is finally straight and bump free which is the main thing. It's not perfect but I'm happy with it. With a third nose job there is a risk of your nose collapsing.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
I would describe myself as dressy, girly and feminine.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this (long) Q&A. I never expected it to be this long but I wanted to answer as many questions as possible.

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