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Rimmel:Brow products review

I was kindly sent these products to review*
Rimmel is one of my favourite high street brands as the products are really affordable and good quality. I have used Rimmel products for years so I was really happy when I received Rimmel's brow range. Cara Delevingne is a fan and uses the products, let's face it who wouldn't want brows like Cara? Everyone wants to achieve 'perfect' brows and it can be hard finding brow products that work for you. In this post I will be giving you my opinion on the products, claims, colour range, swatches of the shades and what they look like on the brows.

In the brow swatches pictures I like my brows to look natural but defined at the same time.
Brow This Way Styling Gel with Argan oil 004 Clear 001 Blonde 002 Medium Brown 003 Dark Brown Claims Tapered brush for precise application Sculpted and defined eyebrows all day Comfortable lightweight texture
My Opinion I am a huge fan of brow gels as they are quick and easy to use. They are easy to apply …

Skintifique Cleanser P review

I was kindly sent this product to review*
Skintifique are a brand that cater for sensitive, reactive or allergic skin. If you have read my blog for a while then you will know I have sensitive skin. This is why I like to test skincare products out for a while, to make sure that my skin doesn't react and to see if the product actually works. 
Cleansers are hugely popular but finding the right one can be tricky. Some are harsh on your skin, some make your skin break out and some are highly fragranced. Skintifique Cleanser P is none of those things, which I am really impressed with. Usually with skincare my skin can have a reaction to it as I have sensitive skin.
Claims Cleanses and removes makeup, traces pollution and metals Safe and pure formulation Excellent skin comfort Scientifically proven efficacy
Size 200ml
My overall opinion on this products and does it live up to it's claims? This product does live up to it's claims. I apply this on a cotton pad and it removes my makeup easi…

Changing room try on & haul

Today I went out shopping (Sunday) as I was after a 'rocker style dress' as they are a really popular fashion trend. In this post I have decided to show you the clothes that I tried on in the changing rooms. Then explain why I bought or didn't buy the item of clothing.
Select Bought This dress I love! I have been after a ' rocker style' dress like this for ages. I really like the design on it and how it fits. This dress is the opposite of my usual style but I still love it. This dress is baggy if you get it in your usual size, so if you prefer more fitted dresses I would go a size smaller. I really like the cut out back detailing on this dress. I can't wait to wear this dress out. Didn't buy This dress I do really like and I would have bought it if the arm detailing was both the same. I know it's something unusual but for me I'm not a fan. On one arm you get a 3/4 sleeve whereas on the other the sleeve is cut out. Apart from that the dress fitted real…

High Street vs High End makeup: Can you tell the difference?

Last week I was watching a TV show called 'This Morning' occasionally a beauty segment comes on. Last week Bryony Blake (celebrity makeup artist) tested whether people could actually tell the difference between high street and high end makeup. She created two very similar looks on two models. After watching this I decided I wanted to do something similar. I decided to do one half of my face high street makeup and the other high end.
Can you tell which side is high street (drugstore)  and can you tell which side of my face is high end? I haven't edited any of the images so you get a true representation of what the products actually look like on the skin. The hardest part about doing this look was picking products that looked very similar.

Left High End The left side is high end, on this side I have used some of my favourite products.
Face Primer Estee Lauder Illuminating primer £25 Concealer Tarte Shape Tape: Light Beige £15 Foundation Estee Lauder double wear: 1N2 Ecru £31 Powder Ma…

Essence Nail care review

I kindly got sent these products to review*
Essence is one of my favourite brands for makeup as they are really affordable and good quality products. They also have a nail varnish range which has something for everyone. Whether you like neutral toned nail varnishes, bold nail varnishes or glitter nail varnishes Essence has them categories nailed (pun intended).
Recently Essence have now expanded that range to bring out nail care to ensure your nails are in the best condition. Having a good base always makes applying products easier and looks better. They kindly sent me: sos nail detox regenerating base coat, colour & care strengthening nail polish and a nail file
Multipurpose Nail file With this multipurpose nail file you basically get 4 products in one. Which is handy if you don't want to buy lots of nail tools or confused about what nail file etc does what. With this nail file it has steps on for you to follow and what that step does. Step 1: Shorten You can file your nail down…