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Urban Decay Newcastle event

Credit: Laura Pearman Photography
Laura Pearman

Last Thursday I was really exciting about attending the Urban Decay event which Laura from Ellefluence organised.The event look place in Debenhams intu Eldon Square Newcastle.
I attended an Urban Decay event previously last year so I had a rough idea what to expect from this event.

About Ellefluence
Ellefluence is a platform designed to connect influencers with brands. Which Laura from Elle Blonde created.
It's hard to believe that Ellefluence doesn't officially launch until January 2017!
Laura has done such an amazing job with the event. It's one of the best blogging events I have attended.

Before the event
I have attended two blogging events previously before this one and they can be nerve-wracking to attend on your own. So I met up with some other bloggers who were also going to the event. We met up at Turtle Bay (Newcastle) which is just opposite Debenhams for Cocktails. It was a 2 for 1 on cocktails and I had Strawberry Daiquiri.
I met up with Samantha, Rebecca, Beth and Katie.

Urban Decay makeup that I wore to the event
As it was an Urban Decay event I decided to use some Urban Decay products.
Original eyeshadow primer potion
Naked Smoky
Thirteen - Brow bone and tear duct
Combust - transitional colour
Password - Crease, outer v and lower lash line
Dagger - Crease, outer v and lower lash line
Perversion - Black
Vice lipstick - Anarchy
Beached bronzer - bronzed

We were greeted by Laura Pearman who was the photographer for the event. She was really lovely and friendly. She took our photo's as we entered and took pictures of the event throughout the 2 hours it was on.
I am rubbish with remembering names so I apologise in advance.

 Somehow I managed to sit on the front row where I had perfect view of all the demo's and products used that night. Pictured above is Urban Decay's area/regional manager. She was really lovely. Beside her was the Naked Vault (which is beautiful) and the hashtag for the event.
In the vault you get
Naked 1
Naked 2
Naked Basics
Naked Basics 2
Naked 3
Naked Smoky (this is my favourite palette)

Makeup area for the demos
The event was originally meant to be held at Gusto (Newcastle) but it got changed to the café area at Debenhams (top floor) as people wanted to buy Urban Decay products.
All of the makeup was out ready for the demo's and to be passed around. Can you spot any of your favourite Urban Decay products?

What the demo's were going to involve
At the start we were told about what would be happening throughout the night. We would be shown 2 demo looks. How to achieve a day time eye look then how to transform it into a night look.
Throughout the demo's each step was explained to us.
Why they were applying the product in that way
Information about the products
How to use the products
They also answered any questions people had on going throughout the event.

Demo 1: Day Look

This is the day time look. Using the Spectrum palette, the new Naked Ultimate Basic palette, all nighter foundation and new brushes. Did you know that the synthetic bristles are made up of recycled plastic bottles?
Michael and Sophie demonstrated this look to us and explaining each product etc. They talked us through on how to achieve a classic smoky eye. For any YouTube fans etc, it was like watching a YouTube tutorial right infront of you.
The full Spectrum palette is stunning. Ideal for those who love experimenting with different colour eyeshadow. The shade I swatched on my hand was Gossip (this is just one swipe). When I first saw this palette it reminded me of the Urban Decay Electric palette except this one has more colours in it.
The shades used in the 'day look' demo:

I have the Electric palette (which I love) so I don't feel the need to buy the Full spectrum palette (even though it has the pink shades which I love) but if I never this would be a makeup buy must have.

Michael showed us the difference using the setting spray makes when using eyeshadow.
Sadly I was too slow at taking a pic of the difference it makes.
On hand he swatched the shadow without setting spray. It was still really pigmented. Then on the other he swatched it using the setting spray. Which made the colour pop and a lot more vibrant.

During the demo's

During the demo's the Urban Decay team passed around products for us to have a closer look at. So we could swatch them etc.
Some of the products passed around:
All Nighter foundation: I have a sample of this that I got a few weeks ago. I like it but it doesn't beat Estee Lauder Double Wear in my opinion. I find that this foundation oxides on the skin so it's best to go a shade lighter than normal.
The Urban Decay team denied this saying it doesn't oxide it just adapts to your skin (because of the warm) once you put it on. But the Urban Decay counter where I got my sample from said it does oxidise.

The foundation claims:
Waterproof 24 hour wear
Full Coverage
Oil Control
Air Tight which means it doesn't come with a pump. It pushed the product up and doesn't allow air to get inside the bottle.

Naked Skin colour correcting fluid: The shades I have shown above
Yellow - To conceal purple hued dark circles and brightening.
Green - To cover redness e.g blemishes and broken blood vessels

Demo 2: Night Look
Nisha and Kelly demonstrated how to turn your day look into a night look.
Night time looks are my favourite as when it comes to makeup I am definitely about dramatic makeup (even for the day time)
The night time look consisted of plenty of glitter, winged liner and a bold lip.
If you have read my blog for a while you will all know I am a huge fan of the smoky glittery eye and a bold lip.
Nisha and Kelly talked through each application step, what products they were using, why they were using them and also answering any question.
For the night time look they told us a trick for the water line and lower lash line. They recommended for the smoky look use the black 24/7 glide on eye liner in the waterline. Then the brown eyeliner on your lower lash line to smoke it out.

The food
The food was handed out during the demo's. I am a really fussy eater when it comes to food. Infact I'm that bad I always check the menu before I go to restaurants etc to make sure I like at least one thing on the menu before I go.

The food was provided by Rub Smokehouse (Newcastle). The food consisted of pulled pork sandwich that had apple chutney and other things on it, ribs, pigs in blankets, chicken wings, corn dogs etc.

After the demo's
After the demo's we went down to where the Urban Decay stand is in Debenhams. There we could buy products used in the demos etc and to also collect out goodie bags. I ended up not buying anything as I was going Christmas shopping with my Mam on Saturday (yesterday) so I decided to wait until then.
Whilst there we also got the chance to talk to other bloggers which was really nice. I talked to these lovely bloggers: Melissa, Toni, Katie, Mandy and Ashleigh (sorry if I have left anyone out I am really bad at remembering names!)

What's in the goodie bag?
Debenhams Beauty club card
You look better naked information booklet
Information about the Naked palette range
Ultra Definition skin booklet
Information about foundations, beauty balms, concealers and colour correctors
Urban's Most Wanted
In this 'booklet' you get a sample of:
Naked Skin beauty balm
De Slick mattifying powder
Eyeshadow samples - flash, space cowboy, suspect and bootycall
Eyeshadow primer potion - original
Naked lipgloss - Rule
Vice lipstick - Jilted
After Glow 8 hour blush trio
Naked Skin powder foundation
Medium Light/Warm
Medium Dark/Golden
Eye Shadow Primer potion
All Nighter makeup setting spray

My overall opinion
As I have said previously in the post Laura has done an amazing job at organising her first event even before Ellefluence has launched. It was really nice to meet everyone and watch the demo's.
Urban Decay is a brand that I have used for years and will continue to do so.
My favourite products from the brand:
Naked Smoky palette - This is my go to eyeshadow palette for creating a smoky eye look. I love it as it's so versatile, whether you want to create a natural or a more dramatic look.
All Nighter setting spray - Your makeup does not budge with this on. Even if you end up getting stuck in the rain this stops your makeup from coming off.
De Slick mattifying powder - This is a staple in my handbag and comes everywhere with me. It's ideal to keep you matte throughout the day. It also comes with a mirror which is handy as you don't need to then bring another mirror out with you.

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  1. Great post chick!

    Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time. Maybe one day we can meet up at a blogger event! :-)

    Thank you for sharing your day with us! X

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thank you :) I had a really good time. Hopefully! It would be really nice to meet you.

      No problem! I really enjoyed sharing my day with you all x

  2. Chloe, absolutely love the depth of this post it's amazing and you got some fab shots!

    Glad you had a lovely evening and your cocktails at Turtle Bay looked LUSH!!!

    Hope to see you at lots more of our events soon!!


    1. Thank you! I wanted to include as much information as I could without rambling.

      The cocktails tasted amazing!

      I'd love to go to more events xx

  3. I'm hoping Santa Claus brings me a Vault. You mentioning the Electric Palette brings back memories for me! Viva La Polyester Bride.
    Lovely to meet you and hope to see you at our next ELLEfluence event.

    1. It was lovely to meet you aswell! I'll be attending the next event :)


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