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Benefit Cosmetics: Blogger event & information about products

On Tuesday I was invited to the Benefit Cosmetics blogger event. Which was at Debenhams Newcastle. Laura from Ellefluence organised this event and Laura Pearman was the photographer. It felt abit strange going to the event. As this time last year I was working part time for Benefit (in a different store) now I'm going 'back' as a blogger.

About Benefit
Beneft Cosmetics was founded in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford. Benefit Cosmetics was originally called 'The Face Place'. The first Benefit product was a blush and lip tint called 'Rose tint' it is now known as Benetint. They originally created this tint for an exotic dancer who needed a nipple tint. Benetint is one of Benefits best selling products by selling over 10 million bottles. In 2003 Benefit launched a brow bar. Benefits motto is 'laughter is the best cosmetic. The decision to have a beauty boutique was based on a coin toss: heads for a casserole café and tails for a beauty boutique.

Before the event
Before the event I met up with some other bloggers who were also attending the event.
Lorna from Loochiee
Mimi from mimi04world
Lucy from thegirlontrend
Nicola from Geordiekisses

The Event
The event started at 7.30pm and finished at 9.30pm.
When we arrived food and drink were provided for us. Drink wise we had prosecco and water. For food we had pizza that Manny's Pizza Deli kindly provided for us.

Before the demo's began we were given information: what was planned for the night, what to expect, put into groups of 5 and told about the raffle.
To be entered in the raffle you had to buy a Benefit product and if you bought 2 Benefit products you also got a free cosmetic bag.

What the raffle prize was
Wow Brow cosmetic bag
Benefit Cosmetic case
Lindt chocolates
Bad Gal brown mascara
They're Real push up liner: blue
They're Real tinted primer
Sample of Benebalm
Sample of They're Real mascara
Feeling Dandy set
High Beam
Passport holder

We were put into groups ready for demo's to begin. Each group had a Benebabe to demo products.
Small groups is a really good idea as there was a lot of us that night. This way it was a good opportunity for us to have a close up look of the demo's and to ask any questions.
The Benebabe
In the group I was in we had Laura. She was really friendly, chatty and informative about all the products. You could really tell she enjoy what she does and is knowledgeable about each product.
She was really approachable and asked if we wanted to try out any products from the brand.
The other bloggers
Toni from fashprenuer
Amy from anchoredteapot
Cara from Macaraspace (she took the picture)

Makeup Demo's

Amy volunteered for the eye makeup, brow and lip product demo.
Browvo conditioning eye brow primer
You apply this before any eye brow product
Conditions your brows
Keep your brow products lasting longer
Helps to create fuller, thicker and healthier brows
Precisely my brow eye brow pencil
This gives natural hair like strokes to your brows that is budge proof for 12 hours
High Brow glow brow highlighter
You apply this under your eyebrow for a lifted look to your eyes.
Laura used this on Amy
Long wear powder eyeshadow
Comes in 12 shades
Quick, look busy: matte espresso
This is a matte eyeshadow that is ideal to use in the crease.
I think Laura used this shade on Amy's crease and outer V. This just gives the eyes some definition and shape.
It's complicated: golden peach
This colour gives a nice sheen to the lid. Ideal if you want to add a 'pop' of colour to your eyes yet is still wearable.
I don't think Laura used this shade on Amy
Thanks a latte: golden brown
This is a really nice shade. It is a satin finish.
I don't think Laura used this.
Call my buff: pale shell
This is a nice lid shade that adds a sheen to your lid. This is ideal if you like a 'natural' eye look. This shade can be versatile for different eye looks.
I think Laura used this on Amy's lid.
They're Real lengthening mascara: Black
This mascara is one of Benefit's best sellers.
It adds length, volume and lift.
Long wearing.
This was the mascara Laura applied on Amy.
They're Real push up liner: Black
Long wearing
Hugs the lash line
Gel formula
Laura used this to create the wings on Amy's eyes.
Amy had the choice of what colour lip and cheek stain she wanted on her lips for the demo. She picked lolli tint.
Lip Stains
Kiss proof
Long lasting colour
Can be used on the lips and cheeks
These are best to be applied under lipstick. If your lipstick wears off throughout the day/night. You have the tint colour underneath.
When you apply this products to the cheeks is best to apply 2 strokes then blend with your finger tips for the best results.
Lolli tint
Candy Orchid shade
Bene tint
This was originally created for exotic dancers as a nipple tint.
Red shade for a flush of colour.

Other demo's of products
Watt's Up cream highlighter
This is a champagne highlighter that comes with a sponge applicator.
The finish is cream to powder
The shades suits all complexions
You can either apply this under or ontop of makeup
Porefessionals primer
Left Porefessionals primer unblended
Right Porefessionals primer blended

Minimises pores

Silky and lightweight
Contains Vitamin E
Oil free
Can be used on all skintones
Helps keep makeup on for longer

Christmas makeup sets
Girl O'clock Rock
Advent calendar
What you get inside:
Porefessional mini
They’re real! mascara mini
Benetint mini
Posietint mini 
They’re real! remover mini
It’s potent! eye cream mini 
Lollibalm mini
Hoola mini 
Dandelion mini 
Badgal lash mini 
High beam mini
Lollitint mini

They’re real! mascara full size
Hoola full size
Porefessional full size
Benetint medium

Girls gone WOW
They’re real! mascara full size 
Porefessional primer full size
Gimme brow in 03 medium
They’re real! tinted primer mini
Benetint mini

It's a gals world
They’re real! mascara mini
They’re real! push-up liner mini
Porefessional mini
Longwear powder shadow:
In call my buff; it’s complicated; thanks a latte; quick, look busy
Double ended sponge applicator 

Blushin' babe

Watt’s up!
They’re real! mascara in beyond black fun-size mini
They’re real! eyeliner in beyond black fun-size mini
    Kissy Missy Lipstick set
    Defined and Refined brows

    Lipstick set

    Lollitint mini
    benetint mini
    they’re real! double the lip in revved-up red; pink thrills mini

    Defined and Refined brow kit
    BROWVO! conditioning primer
    Precisely, my brow pencil 
    High brow pencil

    Gimmie Brow
    Award winning
    Comes in 3 different shades
    Microfibres to volumise and tint brows
    Quick and easy to use for fuller brows
    Good Proof eyebrow pencil
    6 Shades
    Easy to fill in and shape eyebrows
    Comes with spoolie brush
    Can create natural looking brows with it
    Precisely my brow pencil
    6 Shades
    Ideal to create hair like strokes
    Comes with spoolie brush
    Non sharpen tip
    Brow Zings eyebrow shaping kit
    6 Shades
    Eyebrow wax and powder
    Comes with dual ended application brush
    Browvo Conditioning primer
    Creates fuller looking brows
    Extends the wear of brow products
    Helps brow growth
    3D Browtones eyebrow enhancer
    2 Shades
    Softens the look of darker brows with subtle highlights
    Enchants lighter brows with depth and dimension
    Ready, Set brow, Clear brow Gel
    Suitable for all brow hair colours
    Keeps brows in place
    Ka Brow eyebrow cream gel colour
    6 Shades
    Buildable colour
    Sculpts and defines brows
    Comes with angled brush

    Brow Kits
    Soft and Natural brow kit
    Goof proof brow pencil
    Ready, set, BROW!
    High brow pencil
    Bigger and Bolder brow kit
     Ready, set, BROW!
    High brow pencil
    Defined and Refined brow kit
    BROWVO! conditioning primer
    Precisely, my brow pencil 
    High brow pencil

    Firm it up eye serum
    Brightens under eyes
    Absorbs in seconds
    It's potent eye cream
    Fades dark circles
    Smooths fine lines
    Total moisture facial cream
    Normal to dry skin
    Contains mango butter
    Triple moisture facial emulsion
    Hydrates the skin
    Light weight formula
    Oil free
    Moisturising prep toning lotion
    Purify and smooths skin
    Foamingly clean facial wash
    Removes makeup
    Refine finish exfoliating facial polish
    Brightens complexion
    Reduces the look of pores
    Instant comeback facial serum
    Boosts youthful look of skin
    Dream screen
    SPF 45 for face
    Remove it makeup remover
    Oil free
    Removes makeup
    Boo boo zap
    Dries out blemishes
    Reduces appearance of acne related redness

    Primers. Foundations, BB creams and concealers
    That Gal primer
    Brighter and smoother skin
    Light reflecting
    Porefessionals Primer
    Oil free
    Helps makeup stays in place
    Gets rid of pores
    Porefessionals Matte rescue
    Mattifying Gel
    Pore blurring effect
    Dr Feel Good
    Reduces fine lines
    Stops shine
    Stay Flawless
    15 hour primer
    Helps foundation last longer
    The Porefessionals licence to blot
    Ideal to apply under or ontop of makeup
    Stops shine
    Concealers and colour correctors
    Erase paste concealer
    Brightens under eye circles because of the melon undertones
    (Apply this under concealer)
    Fake up under eye concealer
    Hydrates skin
    Gets rid of dark circles
    Booing Ignore
    Full coverage
    Hides blemishes and dark circles
    Hello flawless Oxygen wow
    Oil free
    Medium Coverage
    Luminous finish
    Big Easy
    Natural coverage
    Evens out skin tone
    Hello flawless powder
    This can be used as a powder foundation
    Satin finish
    Works for any skin type
    Sets foundation in place
    Porefessionals Zero agent shine
    Stops shine
    Smooths the look of pores

    They're Real Remover
    Removes they're real mascara and eyeliner instantly
    They're Real Mascara
    Comes in 3 colours
    Best selling Benefit mascara
    Adds volume, lift and lengthens your lashes
    Creates the false lash effect
    Roller lash mascara
    Adds curl and length to your lashes
    Ideal for a 'wide eye' look
    Bad Gal lash
    Volumises lashes
    Thick black formula
    Bad Gal Waterproof
    Volumises lashes
    Slimmer brush
    Quick and easy to apply
    Eye shadow Primers
    Air Patrol
    Relives dryness
    Extends wear of eyeshadow
    Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer
    Extends wear of eyeshadow
    Eye liners
    They're Real push up liner
    Gel formula
    Hugs your lash line
    Tip makes it easy to apply
    Bad gal waterproof eyeliner
    Kohl pencil for the waterline
    Eye kit
    They're Real big sexy eye kit
    Neutral eyeshadow palette
    Contains blender

    Bronzers, lipglosses, blush etc
    Cha cha tint
    Orange tint for the lips and cheeks
    Posie tint
    Pink tint for the lips and cheeks
    High beam
    Best selling highlighter
    Adds a natural shine to your cheekbones etc
    Sun beam
    Gold undertones
    Kylie Minogue used this product in the famous 'Spinning around' video on her legs
    Liquid bronzer
    Liquid version of Hoola bronzer
    Adds a natural colour bronze to your face
    Fine one one cream blush
    Cream to powder finish
    3 colours
    Swipe on your cheek then blend out
    Dallas blush
    This is my holy grail blush! I love it!
    An outdoor glow for an indoor gal
    Plum neutral tone shade
    Goes with any makeup look
    Majorette blush
    Cream blush
    Cream to powder formula
    Lipglosses to match the blushes
    Adds a hint of colour to your lips
    Non sticky formula
    Lip Balms
    Bene balm
    Posie balm
    Cha cha balm
    Lolli balm
    Balms to match the lip and cheek stains
    Hydrates the lips
    Adds a hint of colour
    Ultra plush lipgloss
    Available in 6 shades
    Gives lips a sheen
    Non Sticky formula
    15 hour wear powder eyeshadow
    Comes in 12 different shades
    Buildable colour
    Milk it is my favourite shade (white eyeshadow) its shimmery. Ideal to use on the brow bone and tear duct for the lifted wide awake look.
    Creaseless cream eyeshadow
    Comes in 10 shades
    Buildable colour
    Can be paired with the powder eyeshadow ontop

    Goodie Bag
    At the end of the event we got given a Goodie Bag. The bag itself is cute and inside 2 generous Benefit samples.
    The samples that we got:
    Browvo Conditioning primer
    Roller Lash mascara

    My Overall opinion
    I really enjoyed this event and meeting other bloggers.
    Laura the Benebabe was so lovely and couldn't have asked for anyone nicer. She was really informative and friendly.
    The atmosphere of the event was really good and I love attending makeup evens.

    Stand out Benefit products
    Dallas blush
    My holy grail blush. I have used this for years and the only blusher I really ever use. I have hit pan in this blush and already have a back up.
    Milk it eyeshadow
    Love this shade for highlighting under the brow bone as it lifts the eyes.
    I really like to use this in the tear duct as it makes you look more awake.
    Roller lash
    This is my favourite Benefit mascara.
    It's easy to remove and adds lift, curl and length to your lashes.

    How to contact me

    Sorry for how long this post is! If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned in this post. Then please let me know!


    1. Chloe I thoroughly enjoyed this post and can totally tell how passionate you are about the products! Amazing. See you soon gorge x

    2. Wow this amazing blog post you really know your stuff.It was lovely to meet you. I definitely fancy their primer.

      1. Thank you. It was lovely to meet you aswell!

    3. This event looks and sounds amazing! I wish I had been there! Thank you for taking so much pictures for us and going in to such significant detail about the whole evening!

      Also you looked fab! As always!!!

      Charlene McElhinney

      1. No problem! I was literally taking pictures of everything incase I wanted to write about certain things etc. I ended up going into detail about everything.

        Thank you x

    4. Cool! I'd love to go to a Benefit event!



      1. Thank you! Hopefully you can one day x


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