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Create your own perfume: Frangrance by Me

 I was luckily enough to be given the chance to create my own perfume. This is something I have always wanted to do and I said yes straight away. Fragrance by me is an online website that allows you to create your own unique fragrance. This is ideal for if you are a perfume lover, if you have always wanted to create your own perfume or as a gift to someone.

The Process of creating your own perfume and how to do it.
Creating your own perfume is really simple and the steps are easy to follow.
Step 1
What are the 3 perfumes you like the most?
This is the question asked and there is a box you fill in of your 3 favourite perfumes.
Once you do there is a drop down menu
Select the perfume then add perfume
Step 2
You are given a perfume profile of scents to consider whilst creating your perfume. This is based upon the perfumes you have selected as your favourites
Step 3
Pick and Mix your favourite notes
There is a wide selection of different notes for you to pick from. You can pick 3. If you are unsure what all the different notes means, then you can click on the image for more information. It also includes perfumes that contain the note in.
Step 4
Spice up your perfume
This is the same as step 3 except you pick the undertones for your perfume
Step 5
You will be able to buy the samples you created.

These are the samples that I created.

Once you get your samples it contains instructions on how you should use your samples

My Overall opinion
I really enjoyed creating my own sample perfume. I found it really interesting and I learnt a lot about the different perfume notes etc. This is a really good idea for anyone interested in perfume and it would make a good gift. I really like the smell of all of my samples. This is a perfume I would gravitate towards buying in a shop as I love the smell. The samples are ideal to throw in your bag and use throughout the day.

How to contact me

What do you think about this idea?


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