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Varama Cover Creams review

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I love full coverage products. That make your skin look flawless and hide any imperfections that you may have. I suffer from slight redness on my cheeks that I like to cover. I was kindly sent these products from Varama Cover Cream to review which are waterproof. These products aren't classed as makeup but can be used as makeup. Like I have done. You also get a mixing brush which is ideal if you are mixing shades together for your perfect match.

About Varama
Varama cover cream is camouflage makeup. Ideal to cover any redness, discoluration and skin damage. These products create a natural full coverage finish. So if you are paranoid about it looking obvious on your skin it isn't. Also they are waterproof.
Fragranced free.

How to use Varama Cover creams
I found that the best way to use these is to apply a small amount as a little goes along way. These are easy to build up until you get the desired finish that you want.
The creams are really easy to blend, don't cling onto any dry patches etc.You can blend these either using your fingers, brushes or a makeup sponge.
Don't use moisturiser before you apply the cover creams for best result.
Apply light layers to build up coverage.

Look that I created using Varama Cover Creams
This is the look I created using Varama Cover Creams as you can see they create a full coverage base that is natural looking.
Shades that I used
O (Orange)
Used to colour correct under my eyes to get rid of any dark circles
VC1 (white) and VC3 (skin tone shade)
I mixed these two shades together to create my perfect shade. I then applied the cover cream all over my face to act as a foundation. This evened out my skin tone and hid my redness and blemishes.
VC2 (brown)
I used this as my contour shade.
I applied this on my cheekbones, temples, jaw and down the sides of my nose.

Shades that I got sent

My overall opinion of the products
Varama Cover Creams are ideal if you have any skin problems that you wish to hide as they are high coverage and look natural. They cover any skin imperfection that you may have and last all day. When I mixed the shades on my hand and went to wash my hands it wouldn't come off. So they really are waterproof. So throughout the day you won't have to worry about the product coming off. These products feel light on the skin infact it feels like you have nothing on the skin. I have sensitive skin and these products don't break me out.
Overall, I am a fan of Varama Cover Creams and they have become part of my makeup routine as they are good quality and actually do what they claim.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. What's your opinion on full coverage products?

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  1. Wow you look amazing. really pretty with BEAUTIFUL skin well done you and well done Varama.

    1. Thank you. These look really natural and not cakey on the skin.


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