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Saturday Night out: Makeup and Outfit

Last Saturday night I went out with friends for a meal then clubs etc. Whenever I go out on a night I always like to get dressed up wearing heels and a fitted dress. That is my typical style when going on a night out.
In this blog post I will be talking about what I wore and the makeup I used. As I was going out for a meal I wanted to look classy but also something that was suited for clubs aswell.
Surprisingly this dress managed to stay white without getting no marks on all night.  Makeup wise it lasted me all night/early morning. I went out 7pm and came back home 3am and my makeup still looked good. Although by that time I was abit shiny as I never powdered once throughout the night.

The makeup
 If you have read my blog for a while you know I love full coverage makeup. I wanted a full coverage, flawless, bronzed, smokey eye with a bold lip look. I am happy with how my makeup turned out.
If you hate wearing lots of makeup you probably won't like this makeup as I did use ALOT of products.
As I said previously this makeup lasted all night/early morning without using a setting spray. It's all about layering products in order to keep your makeup in place.
The makeup used
Smashbox Photo finish primer
Used all over my face
MUA Pro Base - Peach
To counteract any dark circles under my eyes
Rimmel lasting finish - 010 Porcelain
Applied in a v shape under my eyes
Down the centre of my nose
On the centre of my chin
On the cupids bow
W7 Contour stick - medium/deep
Around the forehead
Under my cheekbones
Under the jaw
Down th - e sides of my nose
Under the centre of my bottom lip ( to create a fuller effect)
Estee Lauder Double Wear - 1N2 Ecru
Applied a generous amount all over my face
Also used as a concealer if any blemishes were still obvious
Johnsons Baby Powder
I used this to bake my under eyes
Under my jaw
Down the centre of my nose
Centre of my chin
Cupids bow
Estee Lauder Chic to Cheek powder
Applied under my eyes focusing close to the lower lash line to stop any creasing
Estee Lauder Double Wear powder foundation - 1N2 Ecru
Used this as a setting powder all over my face to set the rest of my makeup
Essence mattifying powder - 04 Perfect Beige
Applied all over my face ontop of Estee Lauder powder to stop any shine and to keep my skin matte
Sleek Contour kit - Light
Used this to contour my cheekbones
Around my forehead
Down the sides of my nose
Under my bottom lip
Under my jaw
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer - Bronzed
Used this to bronze my skin up. I used a generous amount focusing on my cheeks, forehead and blending down onto my neck
Mac Ellie Goulding Powder duo - I'll hold my breath
I used the bronzed shade on my cheeks (this product barely has any pigmentation but I am trying to use it up)
Benefit Dallas Blush
This blush is my favourite you can never apply too much of it. Perfect for blending your bronzer/blush together
Urban Decay Primer potion
All over the eyelid and blended up towards brow bone
Maybelline colour tattoo - 24k Gold
Applied all over my eyelid
Barry M Glitter Dust - 10
Packed the glitter onto my eyelid
Maybelline Single eyeshadow - 01 Snow White
Brow bone
Tear duct
Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette
Anahelm - Transitional shade
Zone - Crease and outer v
Pop - Tearduct
1987 - Lower lash line
Charlotte Tilbury - Dolce Vita
Dark brown shade in crease and outer v
Also on my lower lash line
Le Volume De Chanel mascara - Black
My all time favourite mascara. I need to buy another tube of this
Rimmel Kate Moss mascara - Black
Used this for a more dramatic lash look
Maybelline 24 hour gel eyeliner - Black
Applied on my lower lash line and tight line
This is my favourite eye liner as it lasts all day and doesn't smudge
Benefit Good proof brow pencil - 02
Used this to fill in and extend my brows
Essence make me brow - 01 Blondy brows
Used to set my brows in place and to add more colour
MUA Lip scrub
This gets rid of any dry patches on your lips etc
MUA Pout Prime
This primes your lips ready for lipstick
It makes your lip products glide on and last longer
Rimmel exaggerate lip liner - 05 Pure
Used to slightly over draw my lips to make them fuller and even
YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick - 31
This lipstick feels really creamy and makes your lips look smooth


Local shop that is now closing down
Local market stall
Michael Kors
Tom Ford Black Orchid

I never planned on buying a new dress but when I saw this dress I knew I had to buy it. As its fitted and I loved the detailing on the top of it. This dress was really comfortable to wear throughout the night. Unlike some fitted dresses this one actually stayed in place. Instead of 'riding' up your legs when you walk etc. I posted an outfit picture on Twitter and I got a few compliments of the dress. The detailing on the top is my favourite as it's glitzy and I never had to wear a necklace with it. I am 5ft 3 (without heels) and this dress comes just above the knee on me. As I said previously for nights out I like fitted, above the knee dresses as I think they look better on me.
Shoes are a nightmare for me on nights out as they always end up hurting. I bought these on the same day I went out. Bad I know as you shouldn't wear new shoes straight away as they hurt. But these shoes really did surprise me comfort wise. I wore these from 7am till 3am. For the majority of the night they were really comfortable to walk and dance in. If you struggle finding comfy heels I recommend trying these shoes out, for £14 you can' go wrong. I also bought these shoes in Black.
I kept the rest of my accessories simple and kept with plain gold accessories as the dress was the 'main' feature.
For my hair I just straighten it to keep the style simple. And the fact I'm not the best at curling my hair either.

How to contact me

I haven't done a fashion posts in months so I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. What do you wear on nights out?


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