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LIQC Serum Light Texture review

I was kindly sent this product to review from LIQC. I have never tried a serum before so I was intrigued to try this one. To see how it works on my skin and to see if my skin looks better. Another bonus is the the packaging is pink, which is my favourite colour. I was asked which serum was best for my skin. I picked normal/combination. As my skin has dry patches but my t zone can get especially oily. The brand doesn't test on animals.
How to use One pipette per application Shake well before use Apply morning or evening on cleansed face and neck Apply under your normal moisturiser or as 28 day treatment Avoid contact with eyes For adults only Use 3 month within opening
What the product claims Reduces the ageing of the skin and protects against environomental factors. 15% Vitamin c content ensures a rapid stimulation of collagen synthesis. Neutralises the effect of the radicals and evens out the skin tone. The strong effects of pure form of Vitamin C are enhanced by the Magnesium and Tocop…

Leon Hardy: Crystal makeup brushes review

I was kindly sent these makeup brushes to review from Total Partners I love makeup brushes and trying new brushes out as they really do make a difference to the way your makeup applies. I was really happy when the parcel arrived and I opened it. As these brushes are stunning. I love the crystals and how girly they look.
The brushes don't have names on where to use them on the face. But these brushes can be used in a variety of different ways. I will be reviewing these brushes from Left to Right
1st Brush This is one of my favourite brushes to use as it's so soft and can be used in a variety of different ways. I mainly use this brush to apply blush or to wipe away any excess powder from my face when I 'bake' my face. This brush can also be used to apply: powder and bronzer.
2nd Brush I really like this brush for applying cream eyeshadow as it packs the colour on your eyelid. Cream eyeshadow can be annoying to apply with your fingers if you have long nails. So this brush is …