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Keeping your pets safe in the heat

The British weather tends to be cold most of the time but occasionally we do get really nice weather. Over the past few days it's been extremely hot and will continue to get even warmer. Us humans find this weather hot and unbearable. So think about how our 'furry friends' must feel 10x as worse for them.

In this blog post I will be giving some tips and advice on how to keep your pet safe during this hot weather. This is just my own personal opinion I am by no means and expert when it comes to animals etc.

Always have water available for your pet
This is a MUST as your pet needs to stay hydrated at all times. This also helps them to keep cool during the weather. Always make sure they have enough water available to them.
If you take your pet out to the beach etc then take water and a bowl with you for them.
Make sure you keep refreshing your dogs water everyday.

Never leave your pet inside the car etc
This is how dogs die in hot cars.
You may think your car isn't hot etc but temperatures can rise very quickly. Your dog can become dehydrated very quickly and can lead to severe consequences.
Even if you have windows open in the car etc this does not prevent this from happening as enough air isn't getting inside the car to keep your dog cool.

Walk your dog either early in the morning or later at night
Dog's loves walks it's one of the main things they enjoy in life. Even during the summer dogs still do need exercise.
The best time to walk your dog is either early in the morning before the sun gets really hot. Or late at night when the sun is starting to go down.
These are ideal times as its not a 'peak' time when it's very hot.

Be careful if your dog plays outside
If you let your dog play outside limit how much time they spend outside. This is because dogs enjoy the outdoors and are reluctant to come inside (even if they do get really hot) As a result they can become exhausted and dehydrated.
They can also over exercise if they are constantly playing with toys etc.
By limiting how much time they play you can make sure your dog stays safe.

Check the temperature of the ground
This may sound stupid but if the ground is too hot for you to walk on with bare feet. Then it's too hot for your dogs paws as they are really sensitive. The heat of the ground may cause the paws to get blisters on. Inside if you live near grass etc walk them on that inside as it's cooler.

If you feel like th e temperature of your dog is hot then use a damp cloth to cool them down
This really helps to bring the temperature of your dog down and it makes them more comfortable for them. You will know if your dog is hot as it will start panting and saliva.

If your dog/cat etc is furry a haircut can help
This will reduce how much heat they will have. If you have long hair you know how annoying it can be especially in the heat. Well that how a dog feels except 10x worse. But fur can also protect your dog from sun burn as it acts as protection from the skin.

Cold /shaded surfaces and time alone
When it's hot your pet may look for a 'cool' place in the home to rest to avoid the heat. This may be on wood flooring etc. It's also important to let them have some time alone as if you constantly pick them up/stroke them this may cause them to get even hotter.

How to contact me

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. This wasn't planned at all but I adore animals and with this weather hopefully this post will be helpful.
If I have missed out any tips/advice then please leave them in the comments below.


  1. Thank you for this post!
    I believe that this will help many pet owners and it's something that often slips people's minds when the weather is this good - animals ain't used to it either!
    Well written & very informative! Fabulous post!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Its really important pet owners are aware of the dangers that heat can cause. Something they might not think is a risk actually is. Hopefully this post will make people more aware and think more.
      Thank you Charlene glad you liked this post :)

  2. Thank you for writing this post - information like this cannot be shared enough! It's so important to look after your pets in the heat and this is a really well written post! 💗

    Abbey ✨

    1. No problem and thank you! Even if it just helps a few people it's well worth it :)


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