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Essence 'Festival makeup' challenge and mini reviews

Essence is one of my favourite makeup brands as they are really affordable and have amazing products. Every time I go into Wilko's I always buy something from the Essence makeup stand. They are my favourite makeup brand on the high street. I was delighted when I got asked if I wanted to do a 'Festival makeup challenge'. I love receiving makeup and having to create a look with the products. As this allows me to be creative and try out new looks.  When I opened the parcel I was really happy with everything and couldn't wait to create a look to show you all. I uploaded a mini video showing you a sneak peak of the products on Twitter here.
The makeup look I wanted to create a look that was wearable but was still bold and vibrant.
Products used (All Essence makeup) Base Soft and Natural long lasting foundation: 02 Sand Beige Mattifying Powder: 04 Perfect Beige Silky Touch blush: 20 Babydoll Eyes Eyeshadow Base (I love Stage) Afae 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and liner waterproof: 06 She'…

Keeping your pets safe in the heat

The British weather tends to be cold most of the time but occasionally we do get really nice weather. Over the past few days it's been extremely hot and will continue to get even warmer. Us humans find this weather hot and unbearable. So think about how our 'furry friends' must feel 10x as worse for them.
In this blog post I will be giving some tips and advice on how to keep your pet safe during this hot weather. This is just my own personal opinion I am by no means and expert when it comes to animals etc.
Always have water available for your pet This is a MUST as your pet needs to stay hydrated at all times. This also helps them to keep cool during the weather. Always make sure they have enough water available to them. If you take your pet out to the beach etc then take water and a bowl with you for them. Make sure you keep refreshing your dogs water everyday.
Never leave your pet inside the car etc This is how dogs die in hot cars. You may think your car isn't hot etc …

Elle Woods Legally Blonde: Makeup and Costume

Last night I attended a fancy dress party. I decided to dress up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I have always loved the movie and the musical so this party was ideal to channel my inner Elle Woods. I loved dressing up as Elle Woods as it meant I got to dress head to toe in pink (which is my favourite colour) and not be judged for it. If I could dress up like this everyday I would but sadly I can't. "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed" - Elle Woods Legally Blonde In this blog post I will be talking through how I achieved my interpretation of 'Elle Woods' makeup, the costume etc.
"You must always have faith in people but most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself" - Elle Woods Legally Blonde
The Makeup For the makeup I wanted to achieve a flawless full coverage matte base, pink glittery smokey eyes, bold pink lips and bronzed skin. I wanted my makeup to be noticeable and girly. Base Smashbox photo finish primer MUA P…