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BKLYN bobble hat review

I was kindly sent this bobble hat and when I received this through the post I was extremely happy. I couldn't wait to try it on, wear it and share my thoughts about it.
When it arrives it arrives in sleek black packaging with the name of the brand on it. I really like the style of it as it's sleek and professional. The writing stands out so that you can clearly see the brands name.
The Pom Pom Hat Excuse my makeup less face. The Hat is made in England. The wool it's self is luxury Italian and is created using the finest quality wool. The wool is really soft and you can tell straight away that it is good quality. When you put it on you know it's well worth the money (£55) The fur is raccoon fur pom pom. This fur is really soft and feels really nice when you touch it. It is also detachable (via metal popper) so you can change the colour of your pom pom with another coloured pom pom. The BKLYN logo is on the hat which adds a nice touch to the hat and makes it easily recogn…

Diwah: Chloe likes Urban Necklace

I was given the opportunity to design my own necklace by Diwah. I am grateful for this opportunity as it's something I have always wanted to do. My necklace is called ' Chloe likes Urban' I wanted something that I could wear with any outfit. The necklaces are made by hand which in my opinion is 'extra special'. As someone is taking the time to design your very own necklace. That nobody else will have (unless they decide to copy your design) Diwah is a UK based brand. Based in Newcastle Diwah jewellery is affordable and caters for a wide range of budgets. The necklace that I designed I wanted a necklace I could wear with anything and I know it would match. I decided to go with a mix of silver and gold. This way whatever colour jewellery I would match. Some people say you shouldn't mix silver and gold but fashion is about being unique. It's also about your own sense of style. I wanted my necklace to represent my personality and to be noticeable. Since wearing th…

Whats in my travel makeup bag

Last week (Saturday) I went away for the weekend. I went away on the Emmerdale Tour (I will be doing a blog post on that next week). This is the makeup that I decided to take with me. I needed my makeup to last all day/night without really doing any touch ups. I think I done quite well with the makeup that I packed. Apart from lip products where I packed way too many. But when it comes to lip products I like to have a variety of colours with me (and the fact I am addicted to buying lip products) I could have downsized the makeup that I brought with me even more, but compared to last year I have done quite well.

Smashbox Photo Ready
Essence eyeshadow base: Afae
The Balm: Put a lid on it eyeshadow primer
MUA Pout Prime: Smoothing lip primer
Collection lasting perfection concealer: 1 Fair
Rimmel Lasting finish concealer: 010 Porcelain
Estee Lauder Double Wear: 1N2 ECRU
Estee Lauder High cover: 1N Extra Light
MUA Pro Base: Peach
Urban Decay De Slick mattifying powder
Estee La…

Natures Well Vitamin C tablets review

Natures Well are a vitamin brand. They are the first certified Halal vitamin brand in the UK. Natures Well realise that people in the Muslim community have been overlooked and they have decided to start changing that. By creating vitamin products that cater for them. Just because vitamins are 'suitable for vegetarians' does not mean they are suitable for Muslims, as they often contain Alcohol/Ethanol. In addition to this, major vitamin brands usually contain pork gelatine and other non halal based animal ingredient.
These vitamins are: Gluten free Alcohol free 100% Natural food supplements
What is Vitamin C? Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, skin and blood vessels. It also contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Nourishes and contributes to the normal functions of the immune system.
Recommended Dosage Adults chew, suck or swallow 1 or 2 tables a day. Preferably with a meal as a dietary supplement  
How man…

Beach So Chic temporary tattoos review

Tattoo's are something that I really like but I would never get one myself. Mainly because I change my mind really easily and I hate needles. Beach So Chic kindly sent me out these temporary tattoos to review. I was really happy when these arrived and I couldn't wait to use them. These are ideal if you are going to festivals and want to be creative, whether you want to have a tattoo but unsure on the design or if you are just curious about trying temporary tattoos. The brand has celebrity fans: Sam Faiers and the Kardashians. I have a video of me showing the tattoos etc on Twitter and Instagram. Click here to watch the short video. Packaging The packaging is good quality and looks expensive (because of the gold writing) It feels luxurious. There are instructions on the back that are really easy to follow. They give you step by step instructions on how to apply them. The tattoo sheets are inside and are easy to remove. Temporary Tattoos Snow So Chic £14.99 I got sent two packs of thes…

Kiss false eyelashes review

I was sent these eyelashes to review and when they arrived I was nervous of trying them. As I had bad experiences with false eyelashes in the past. Kiss is a brand I have heard of before and so many people have been raving about the eyelashes saying they were really good. I got sent 'Daisy' and 'Flirty' lashes. The lashes come with glue so if you have ran out of glue, don't panic these lashes come with the glue (which is actually really good) Kiss is a really affordable brand and do a variety of products such as: eyelashes, false nails, cosmetics and hair care. Blooming lashes Daisy These are created using multi angle technology Layers of lashes to create a fuller/more natural lash effect These are ideal if you want a 'natural eyelash' look as they create 'your eyelashes but better' effect These blend really easily with your own lashes If you apply mascara on top of them it doesn't make the lashes go clumpy Can be reused numerous of times and they wil…

My Holy Grail makeup products

As a beauty blogger and a 'hoarder' of makeup I tend to try out a lot of makeup products. But these are my ''holy grail' products that I will continue to repurchase and use on most days. Smashbox photo finish primer I love this primer. It makes my foundation go on smoother. Increases longevity Reduces fine line and pores. This primer is worth the price tag. I've had this for years (used most days) and I have plenty left. Also it doesn't cause my skin to break out. You only need to use a small amount as it goes a long way. Estee Lauder Double wear foundation 1N2 ECRU If you read my blog a lot you will know I love this foundation. I haven't found a foundation that is better than this. This is foundation is medium/full coverage, gives a semi matt finish and makes your face look flawless. I have done a review of this foundation here MUA Pro base prime and conceal Peach This adds radiance under my eyes and colour corrects. I use this product before I apply found…