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Truth about being an only child

One of my aims for 2016 was to do lifestyle posts on my blog. Todays post will be what its like being an only child. When people find out that you're an only child they often have misconceptions about you e.g spoilt.
Being an only child
People will always think you are a child/baby of the family
I am 19 years old and yet I still get treated like a child. I am seen as the 'baby' of the family regardless of the fact I am independent, can do things for myself etc. People will always refer to you as being an 'only child' throughout your life.
People often wonder did you have a lot of imaginary friends
I personally didn't only because I was surrounded my people growing up e.g my mam, nana etc and they would often play with me. I also had family pets growing up aswell and often they were my friend.
People think you are spoilt
I am lucky enough to get the things that I want for my birthday, Christmas etc and I am grateful for this but I don't take it for granted. The reason why I get as much as I do is because I am the 'only child' therefore my parents can spend more money on me. If I had a sibling this would not be the case. I personally don't think I act spoilt as its not a nice characteristic to have.
People think you like being centre of attention
I don't find this to be true especially in social situations. If I am in a room full of people I can't think of anything worse than being centre of attention.
Parents are over protective
This is the case with me my mam used to constantly text me to ask if I got to wherever I was going if I arrived safely.  Also before I left the house she used to give me the chat about being safe etc whilst out.
You are surrounded by adults all the time
Growing up I was the youngest person in the family. I was never around children my own age until I started nursery. As a result of this I found that I got on with 'adults' a lot better and preferred being around them compared to children my own age or younger.
Now most peoples reaction when they see a cute baby is to go straight over and interact with the baby. I'm not like that at all.
Dogs/pets become your best friend
Ever since I was born I have always been brought up around dogs. I can't remember when I haven't had a dog. Growing up the dog was always my best friend. I can remember actually talking to the dog (I was really young) and used to play with the dog. The dog was always there for you to interact with.
People think you are lonely
Growing up I was never lonely as I was always surrounded by adults and they used to interact with me. I also had my pet dogs to keep me company aswell.
You think a lot of things to yourself
I often end up thinking about a lot of things and what I want to happen.
You don't have to share your parents
Growing up (and even now) I spend a lot of time with my parents. I have never had to share them with anyone else or compete for attention. Even now me and my Mam often go out on regular shopping trips together etc.
More pressure to be successful
Being an only child you are expected to be successful as you don't want to let your parents down as they only have you. You feel the pressure to do well during your school career etc. In my opinion this is not a bad thing as they help you to be successful and reach the best possible targets/goals/grades  for yourself.
Your parents are more willing to do this for you
If I want something doing I know my parents will do it for me e.g if I'm in a rush to get ready and I don't have time to put things away by the time I come back home my Mam will have tidied up for me.
You never had to share stuff at home
You don't have to share your room, clothes (if you had a sister etc). You knew that nobody would come and try to damage your things.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you think I have left anything off this list. Are you an only child? If so do you agree with these statements.


  1. I hate being the centre of attention too! Do you find that you don't always want company too? When I was little I used to often send my friends home as they got on my nerves after a while!

    1. Yes! Sometimes I just want to be left alone to be in my own space.


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