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New Years Resolutions

I've never set myself any New Year's Resolutions before as I never stick to them but this year I am hoping to change that. Reflecting back on the last year there are quite a few things I want to change/happen in the New Year. I am hoping and I will try to stick to these New Years Resolutions. When I get given uni work to do complete it straight away not leave it a few days before the deadline This is something I am really bad at leaving things until the last minute. Its not even the fact I don't have enough time to do the task, I always find other things to do instead. For 2016 I am determined to stick to this resolution the most as it will be the most beneficial to me and make my life a lot easier. Put my effort fully into uni work I started uni this September and even though I am only in my first year I want the best possible grades. Therefore even on days when I can't be bothered to do or rush work just to get it out of the way, I'll force myself to put all my eff…

What I got for Christmas 2015 & Christmas OOTD

Outfit Dress: Miss Selfridge (got it last year in the Christmas sale) Tights: Primark Shoes: Matalan Necklace: Local market stall in my town Rings: Pandora Bracelet: Butler & Wilson
I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas this year and got the things that you wanted. What I got for Christmas posts are one of my favourite posts to read so I thought that I would do one myself. Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or show off with my gifts. I am extremely lucky and grateful for all the gifts I received. Gifts

The Lip Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca at Northern Soul Beauty to do this tag. Lip products are my favourite makeup item and I collect them the most. What was the first lipstick that you ever owned?
Miss Sporty lipstick 130 DJ I can't actually remember what was the first lipstick I ever owned as I got so many gift sets with lipsticks in when I was younger. This was the first lipstick that I actually went out to buy myself. I remember wanting a new lipstick for starting secondary school to wear that looked natural and glossy on the lips. I still own this lipstick but I never use it and it just sits in my draw.
What lip product has been the biggest disappointment? Revolution Salvation velvet lacquer I fall in love I had very high hopes for this product after seeing swatches, people raving about it etc. When I swatched it the colour is amazing and bright. However when you apply it on your lips it is awful! It clings to dry patches, doesn't apply evenly, shows all the lines on your lips and…

Christmas/festive party makeup

I sent out a tweet on Twitter last week about what makeup look that you would like to see, this was the most popular. For those that follow me and read my tweets/blogs etc you know that I love full coverage bold makeup. I decided to create a smoky glitter silver eye with a bold lip. This will go with so many different Christmas looks and it is fairly easy to create. Eye Makeup As I was using glitter it has really bad fall out so I done my eye makeup first that way it was easy to clean up and create a winged effect. I applied primer, foundation, powder onto my eyelids to prep my eyes. Essence eye shadow primer This eye shadow primer is really good and it makes eye shadow last longer without creasing. I applied this all over my eye lid to make the eye shadows etc stick. Maybelline colour tattoo 24 hour Eternal Silver I applied this all over my eyelid to create a base and something for the glitter to stick to. I applied this with my finger. Barry M Dazzle dust Shade 4 I love Barry M dazzle dus…