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Revision Rhinoplasty process. Day of Surgery 1,2,3,7 and cast removal

Before after my first Rhinoplasty (August 18th 2014 when I had the surgery done)

Last year (18th August 2014) I had rhino/septoplasty as my nose was really deviated and I couldn't breath fully. I wasn't as nervous as it was the unknown and I never experienced it before. This time I'm getting the surgery to remove the callus bone. This was formed as a result of the amount of work I had done straightening my nose from the previous surgery.

Pre Op and  Day of Surgery 1
12th October
Pre Op: I wasn't allowed to eat or drink past 11am as I had to go into hospital half 12 to sign documents, get changed into the gown etc. I also saw my anaesthetist  and surgeon to discuss exactly what was going to happen. My surgery time was 2pm in the afternoon. The time leading up to the surgery was the worst as I was nervous and anxious. I was much more nervous this time compared to last time as I knew exactly what would happen. As theatre was on the same level I walked there.

Top left: On the way to Hospital.
Top right: Waiting to go down to theatre
Bottom left: When I got home and changed into my pjs.
Bottom right: Side view of my new nose

Post op (Day 1) I got discharged from hospital around 4pm. The surgery went really well, everything went as planned. The surgery itself took an hour which wasn't long compared to my first surgery (2 hours 30 minutes). I was given lots of medication so that I wasn't in any pain. When I was awake from the surgery I felt like I had a really bad hangover.  On day 1 I felt dizzy, tired, sore throat because of the tubes I had during surgery, my nose was also sore, stinging and uncomfortable. I had dissolvable stitches inside my nose. I also had a drip pad on under my nose that I had to keep over night. Also instead of having an actual cast on my nose I just had tape on and no packing inside my nose. As expected my skin turned incredibly oily and my face was so swollen. On day 1 I could barely breath through my nose. When I got home I managed to eat a little. As for sleeping I had to sleep up right (3 bed pillows and a neck pillow) this helps with swelling and pressure.

My face is so swollen and the swelling will go down in the next few days/weeks/months, I won't see the final result until a year again. I can barely breath through my nose so I'm breathing through my mouth. As for sleeping I have to sleep upright to help with swelling and breathing. I also have a neck pillow to stop my neck from hurting and aching. Even though I have just had the surgery done and it's early to tell what my nose actually looks like but so far I am happy with how my nose looks. I slept on the sofa as it was easier I used 3 pillows so I was sitting up and a neck pillow so my neck wouldn't ache. I managed to sleep well throughout the night.

Day 2 post surgery

Removed the drip pad form under my nose
Side view
On day 2 I removed the drip pad. This was worse than day 1 probably because the pain medication wore off. My nose felt exactly the same as day 1. Also I was unable to smile, frown and raise my eye brows. I also took no pain medication not even paracetamol.

Day 3 post surgery

Breathing became easier but the swelling on my face remains the same. Top picture is what my skin looks like previously bottom picture is when I used blotting paper on my skin to try and get rid of the oil/grease. It worked but my skin felt dry and flaky.

Day 7 post surgery

Not much really had changed on the previous days. On day 7 I felt much better and more like my normal self. Breathing through my nose was nearly back to normal before I had the surgery. I put makeup on that day as it was my 19th Birthday.
Side view
Later on that day I had my cast/tape removed from my nose. I was nervous about getting it removed and seeing what my 'new' nose looks like without the tape/cast on. When I was getting it removed I felt no pain or discomfort. My nose was sore and it hurt when I touched my nose especially where the bump used to be. Overall I was extremely happy when the cast/tape got removed as the bump is gone.

Top row: Before surgery
Bottom row: After surgery

I only took 1 week off uni to recover from the surgery which was enough time for me to recover. After that I felt like my normal self again as I was able to breath fully etc. As my skin is dry and flaky I have been using E45 cream which helps a lot. My face and nose are still swollen etc but the swelling will take weeks/months for it to go down. Like the first time it takes 1 year for my nose to heal fully. My nose isn't perfect but I am happy with the way it looks.


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    1. Thank you. I tried to include as much information as I could. Just incase other people are thinking about getting the surgery or are going through the 'process'

  2. The idea of getting a nose job sounds great but the idea of it going wrong scares the daylights out of me. Plus having to shell out thousands on top to fix it freaks me out. Maybe I'm freaking out for no reason.

    1. That's scared me aswell but research is they key and talking about the result that you want with your surgeon. The not knowing is the worst but anything was an improvement for me.


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