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Halloween looks

Comic character The first look I took inspiration from a comic character and tried to recreate that on myself. Makeup Smashbox photo finish primer: Applied all over the face to create a base MUA liquid eye liner in Black: I used this to draw an outline for the tear mark, fill in and make my eye brows bold, outlined the lips and created exaggerated lines on my face Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk: This is used to create the white dots all over my face. I also used this on the lips MUA Glamour days palette: The blue shade is used to create the tear MUA lipstick shade 13: I used this on my lips as it's a classic comic book character colour Le Volume De Chanel mascara: Used this to blacken my lashes, also to add length and volume Avon super shock gel eyeliner Black: Used this on the waterline Cat eye I saw someone on my Instagram post a similar look to this so I tried to recreate it Makeup MUA liquid eye liner in Black: I used this to create the outline on my eye and to fill the area in. As my eyes…

What I got for my 19th Birthday

Revision Rhinoplasty process. Day of Surgery 1,2,3,7 and cast removal

Last year (18th August 2014) I had rhino/septoplasty as my nose was really deviated and I couldn't breath fully. I wasn't as nervous as it was the unknown and I never experienced it before. This time I'm getting the surgery to remove the callus bone. This was formed as a result of the amount of work I had done straightening my nose from the previous surgery.

Pre Op and  Day of Surgery 1
12th October
Pre Op: I wasn't allowed to eat or drink past 11am as I had to go into hospital half 12 to sign documents, get changed into the gown etc. I also saw my anaesthetist  and surgeon to discuss exactly what was going to happen. My surgery time was 2pm in the afternoon. The time leading up to the surgery was the worst as I was nervous and anxious. I was much more nervous this time compared to last time as I knew exactly what would happen. As theatre was on the same level I walked there.

Post op (Day 1) I got discharged from hospital around 4pm. The surgery went really well, everyth…

Stratum C hand care cream review

Stratum C is the Uk's first skin care range was formed in September 2013.  The range is specifically formulated for the menopausal skin. As it contains high levels of active peptides to double collagen production, reduces existing wrinkles and replenish lost vitamins whilst using minimum preservatives. All Stratum C products are paraben, MI, artificial colouring and fragrance free using the gentlest of preservatives to protect your skin. Stratum C do not test on animals.
I was kindly sent the hand care cream to review. Even though it is targeted for menopausal skin younger people can use it also and see the benefits. It is also the first product on the market which combines all 4 essential hand care needs: anti wrinkle, age spot reduction, nail strengthening and sun protection.
About the product and its claims Ultimate care for mature hands providing the essential attributes to protect, nourish and rejuvenate hands and nails in one rich, non greasy, luxuriant, moisturising cream.  Mat…

My everyday makeup routine/long lasting makeup

These are the makeup products I use everyday for long lasting makeup that stays put. It takes me around 30-45 minutes each day to apply my makeup in the morning. This may sound like a lot of time but for me it isn't. I do wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis and to some people this might be 'evening makeup' as I use a lot of products.

Smashbox Photo finish primer: This creates a good base to apply concealer, foundation etc on top and makes your makeup last longer.
MUA Pro base peach: This is a good under eye corrector for dark circles, as it counteracts the darkness under your eyes to make the dark circles appear diminished
Estee Lauder high cover concealer: Covers dark circles and any blemishes
Concealer palette: I use the lighter shades to highlight under my eyes and the darker brown shades to contour my nose etc.
Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation: Good medium/full coverage foundation that hides redness etc
Estee Lauder chick to cheek: I use this powder under my eye…