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Hair extensions: Before and after. 24 inch Russian Gold weft

Last year in June I got 18 inch Prestige hair extensions and over time the hair extension quality decreased. The hair extensions were no longer the same as they once were, so I decided to get a new set of extensions. 
I decided to go to a different salon for my new hair extensions, which required me to do a lot of research into finding the right hair extensionist. If you are wanting hair extensions, research is key, have a few different hair extension consultations with different hair extenionist. It's important to ask a lot of questions and speak about any concerns you may have. After all, you are spending a lot of money on your hair and it effects your overall confidence, so you want to be fully happy.
Since having hair extensions last year I have became addicted to them. I feel better about myself when I have them in. I wanted my 'long blonde hair' back.
Salon Hair extenionist and hair consultation  Finding the right salon/hair extensionist for your hair extensions is key! R…
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Rainbow eyes and glitter lip makeup look

Makeup has always been a passion of mine. I love trying out new products and experimenting with different types of makeup looks. In the past year, I have gotten very boring with my makeup e.g wearing the exact same makeup look everyday unless I'm going 'out out'. Even though I am hetrosexual, I am a supporter of pride, as your sexuality etc shouldn't define you. Pride is all about bright, bold colours, so I decided to create a bold makeup look.  I am not a makeup artist at all! As you can probably tell! but I had fun creating this rainbow eye look with a glitter lip. I wanted my base to be full coverage, as I love full coverage makeup in general. If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup this look may not be for you. I don't wear this much makeup everyday, as it is a lot!
Base Smashbox photo finish primer This is my all time favourite primer. It's silicone based, so it allows products to apply smoothly on top. MUA pro base prime & conceal Peach This counteract…

Updated: Mac lipstick collection

I'm back after months away from blogging! For my first post back, I've decided to go 'old school' style with a Mac lipstick post. Who remembers the days when Mac lipsticks were £13.50!  
Mac lipstick finishes (the ones that I have within my collection) Lustre Sheer (but can be buildable slightly) Glossy finish Doesn't wear long on the lips Frost Metallic shimmer Medium opaque (colour can be built up) Satin Slight sheen Less drying on the lips