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9 to 5 muscial review: Sunderland Empire Theatre

I was kindly invited to the press night of 9 to 5 the musical at the Sunderland Empire theatre. I have heard so many good things about this musical I was excited to see what the hype was all about. Especially as it's based on Dolly Parton's songs who is an icon within the music industry.
About 9 to 5 9 to 5 the musical, originally opened in the West End and is currently on tour. The musical features a book by Patrica Resnick, the film's original screenwriter and music from country icon Dolly Parton. 9 to 5 the musical tells the story of Doralee, Violet and Judy - three work friends pushed to their limits by their boss. Concocting a plan to kidnap and turn the tables on their superior. Inspired by the cult film the hilarious new West End production is about teaming up, standing up and taking care of business.
Amber Davies from Love Island is playing the lead role of Judy Bernly and the big star of the show. As this is her first musical debut in a theatre show.
Overall  The show i…
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23rd Birthday post: 23 facts about me

Today is my 23rd birthday and I wanted to create a different type of post, compared to my usual content. So I've decided to share 23 facts about myself. 
Outfit details Crop top Primark Leggings Quiz clothing Shoes River Island
23 Facts about me
1) I have an English degree.
2) My blog is 4 years old. I started out blogging about beauty but over time I now blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
3) I don't have a middle name.
4) My natural hair colour is dark blonde/brown but I've dyed my hair blonde for 10 years. I started off with blonde highlights but then it quickly turned to bleach. I would never go back to my natural hair colour, as I think I suit my light blonde hair better.
5) Designer bags are my weakness. I rather have a few designer bags over lots of high street bags. This is why I go for classic colours and styles to get the most wear out of them. This never applied for my Kurt Geiger 'Kensington' multi bag, as it is a statement bag.
6) I'm a girly girl and my…

Motown musical review: Sunderland Empire Theatre

Last night, I was kindly invited along to press night of Motown the Musical at Sunderland Empire Theatre. When it comes to the Motown songs, I know quite a few of them especially the infamous 'Do you love me' which is one of the songs in my favourite movie. 

About Motown Motown has been a hit on the West End for many years and now it's playing at the Sunderland Empire, 15-26 October 2019.  With just $800 borrowed from his family, Motown founder Berry Gordy, goes from featherweight boxer to heavyweight music mogul, discovering and launching the careers of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and many more. Motown the Musical uncovers the true story of the legendary record label that changed music history and created the soundtrack of a generation.
Songs With music and lyrics from the Motown catalogue and book by Motown founder Berry Gordy, Charles Randolph-Wright's production features a live orchestra, playing 50 Motown tracks including: …

Annie the musical review: Sunderland Empire Theatre

On Monday night, I was kindly invited to Sunderland Empire Theatre to review 'Annie' the musical. I was really looking forward to this, as I've never watched the film version, so I had no preconceived ideas about the musical.  Annie is in Sunderland until the 12th October, but don't worry if you aren't from the North East, as Annie is on a UK tour. So expect to see it in a city near you! 

About Annie
Annie is set in 1930's New York during The Great Depression, Annie is forced to live in an orphanage, which is run by Miss Hannigan. Here she suffers a life of sadness and yearns to escape. When Christmas comes around Annie's luck changes, as she is chosen to spend Christmas with Oliver Warbucks, where she experiences a true fairytale. Miss Hannigan hates this idea and enlists the help of her brother to ruin Annie's dream of finding her true family.

Songs Annie has some unforgettable songs which include:
‘It’s the Hard Knock Life’, ‘Easy Street’, ‘I Don’t Need …

My everday makeup routine

My everyday makeup routine is one of my most highly requested posts. Day to day wise, I do tend to wear quite a lot of makeup compared to most, but for me this is toned down. It takes me around 20 minutes to apply my makeup, which is quick to me. 
Even though this is my 'go to' makeup I do alter it sometimes, whether I want a more winged out eye look, to contour etc. In this post I haven't included my lip colour, as that changes the most, depending on what I'm wearing. I don't have a 'go to' everyday lip shade. 
Let's get onto the makeup....

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade - Taupe This is the best brow product I have used as it lasts all day. Dare I say it but also the next day aswell if you 'accidentally' forget to remove it.
Rimmel brow brush* This is from one of the eye brow sets. I find this brush the best to apply ABH dipbrow with.

Max Factor smooth miracle primer* This is one of my all time favourite primers. I even prefer it over some high…

Grease the musical review: Sunderland Empire

Grease is one of my all time favourite musicals! I have watched the film thousands of times and even have the soundtrack on C.D (who can remember when buying actual C.D's was popular) and whenever Grease the musical comes to Sunderland Empire theatre I always buy tickets for it, as it's one of those musicals I never get bored of watching. This year I was kindly gifted these tickets in exchange for a review. 
As I am such a huge Grease fan I have high expectations of how it should be portrayed on stage. My motto is when it comes to the classic films 'if it ain't broke then don't fix it' although some may argue a change is good. 
About Grease It's the summer of 1958 and it focuses on Danny who is American and popular amongst his peers and Sandy who is Australian, she is very much innocent. Both of them fall in love at the beach and is heartbroken when she has to return home. But the love story isn't over as Sandy's parents decide to stay in America and s…

Rock of Ages review: Sunderland Empire

Rock of Ages the musical is currently on tour and I had the pleasure of being gifted tickets for press night in Sunderland Empire Theatre. I was really looking forward to watching this musical as it's already been highly raved about. I also haven't watched the film version of this, so I was going in totally open minded regarding the plot etc. 
The songs are all from the late 80's and typical rock songs. Everyone of all ages will recognise some of the songs from this musical. Even if you don't know them all (like I didn't) this does not effect your enjoyment from the show at all.
The musical is set in LA's sunset strip and focuses on a wannabe actress chasing the American dream of stardom and a wannabe rockstar, desperate to have his musical break to become a superstar. Throughout the musical, there is a narrator called Lonny (Lucas Rush) who is excellent throughout. He is very comical with his one-liners and really does make the audience feel apart of the show. W…