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Sunderland restaurant week: Safari Supper

Last Tuesday I was kindly invited to try out some of the foods Sunderland restaurant week has on offer. Which starts today and finishes the 16th, which makes it the perfect opportunity to try out new restaurants that you may not have tried otherwise. I am guilty of this myself as I tend to stick to the same restaurants that I know I like without trying any new ones, so Sunderland restaurant week for me is the perfect opportunity to discover new  I am an extremely fussy eater so when it comes to food it takes a lot to impress me. I like simple food done at it's very best.

Prices Two and three courses set menu for £10/£15pp. City cafes and smaller outlets have a £5 day time offer
Parking Free parking after 5pm in all city centre council car parks.
Itinerary Nibbles and Drinks The Albert Starters The Peacock Mains Grosvenor Casino  Deserts The Looking Glass
The Albert Nibbles and Drinks To start of the evening we went to the Albert which is located a minutes walk away from Sunderland's central tr…
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Primark Haul: Clothes & Beauty

Primark is one of my favourite clothes shops as you can get some really nice clothes at very affordable prices. Whenever I go out shopping I always end up having a browse or a 'quick look in' Primark but really that is never the case, as I always end up buying stuff I never planned to buy and hours have passed by without even realising. 
Anyways, last Saturday I went shopping as I wanted some new transitional clothes for the autumn/winter weather that would be suitable to wear to university aswell. Recently Primark beauty range has had lots of hype surrounding it so I picked up some beauty products aswell. 
Here are the things that I've bought, the prices, the sizes (as Primarks clothes sizing has changed recently) and how I intend to style them for the autumn/winter weather. Also can you sense a colour 'theme' throughout the clothes I've bought......
Mustard jumper £6 XS UK 6-8 Mustard looks to be one of the biggest colour trends when it comes to autumn so I decided…

XYLondon: Kenzie sandals review

Summer is well and truly here especially with the hot weather, with that comes the hunt for the perfect summer sandal. XYLondon kindly asked me if I would like to feature a pair of shoes on my blog. For those of who have followed me for a while know I love shoes so I said yes.  I was like a kid in a candy shop looking on the website trying to decide what pair of shoes I wanted, this was a very hard decision for me as I liked so many but in the end I went for the 'Kenzie sandal'. I went with these sandals as I know I would get the most use out of them, they looked comfy and would go with most outfits. I also really like how glitzy and glam they are as that is my usual style that I like. These sandals also come in white and black. 
Why I picked the shoes I love glitzy and glamorous sandals  Looked comfortable  Lots of detailing  Slight heel but easy to walk in Go with most outfits, perfect to dress them down for during the day, but you can also dress them up for going out in the evenin…

John Lewis Newcastle: Liz Earle skincare event

Last Wednesday I attended a Liz Earle skincare event at John Lewis Newcastle. Liz Earle is a brand I have heard many great things about but I haven't actually tried any of the products myself. So this event was perfect for me to go along and try out some products especially the cleanse and polish which everyone raves about.
About Liz Earle The brand Liz Earle is a British beauty brand that was founded in 1995. Liz herself has many years of botanical expertise with this knowledge she uses the natural active ingredients in her ranges. Liz's aims to make products that are easy to use, fuss free, dependable and for them to actually work. The company was founded on the Isle of Wight.  Fun fact: Liz Earle do not do tv advertisements. Instead they work with bloggers/influencers and QVC to get the word out about the products instead.
About my skin I have very sensitive skin and eyes which is my biggest issue when it comes to finding products.  My skin type is normal.
About the event The event …